These days, lots of companies are choosing to hire their own drivers so that they no longer need to outsource deliveries and other related tasks. Having their own team of drivers means that they can plan their deliveries at times to suit them, while also ensuring that their drivers carry out their work as professionally as possible.

If you are new to hiring your own team of drivers, you’re probably wondering how to find the best set of employees for your business. It actually isn’t a difficult area to recruit for as most professional drivers have plenty of experience behind them. But here are some great tips that will ensure you hire the best people for your team.


Be Smart With The Salary

To attract the highest caliber of driver, you need to make sure that the salary you offer them is in line with the industry average. If you can afford to do so, it might be worth offering slightly more, as this will then appeal to some of the most experienced and skilled professional drivers out there. You just need to bear in mind that your salaries also need to be low enough so that they don’t eat into the company profit. Using an online calculator, such as the one at can help you figure out the right amount.

Share Posts Widely

To make sure that all of your job adverts are seen by as many industry professionals as possible, you need to utilize social media and share your posts and adverts as much as possible. It could be worth tagging some of your business partners in the posts so that they also see them and share them to their followers as well. Similarly, don’t just post your ads on one job board; it’s a better idea to publish them on as many as you can afford.

Do Thorough Background Checks

It’s also necessary to carry out plenty of thorough background checks on all the drivers that you consider hiring. That way, you can find out if anyone has had to previously deal with a law firm, such as, in order to help them with a DUI case. Obviously, this is a bad sign for any driver, and it could cause them to have points on their license. Ideally, you need to look for drivers with clean licenses and a good driving history.

Ask For Referrals

Professional drivers are part of a tight network, and the majority all know each other fairly well. Once you have employed one driver onto your team, it could be wise to ask them for referrals. They might know a fellow driver who is reliable and professional, and is also in the market for some more work. Referrals are often a lot more trustworthy than simply employing someone at random.

Hiring a new team of drivers shouldn’t be too difficult for you once you start to follow all of the tips in this blog post. Good luck with the recruitment process!