If you are investing for the very first time, then you will know how daunting this can be. You may find that you just have no idea where to start and that you also don’t have the resources either. This can be problematic to say the least, but with a bit of help, you can be sure to make the most out of your finances.

Set some Long-Term Goals

Think about it. Why do you want to invest in the stock market? Are you going to need your money back in a few months? Are you going to be putting away for a new car soon? What about your housing situation right now? By focusing on the things that are going on in your life and by taking into account how they are going to affect your situation, you can then begin to plan out the investment you need to achieve your goals.

Know your Risk Tolerance

As you get older, your risk tolerance will decrease. Your risk tolerance is essentially how you feel about risk and the degree of anxiety you feel whenever you are faced with it. When you look at psychological terms, risk tolerance is the amount you are willing to risk in order to gain a more favourable outcome. For example, would you risk $1000 to try and win $10,000? Or would you rather go home with the $1000? A lot of this comes down to your perception. Perception is becoming increasingly important when it comes to investing and you really do have to make sure that you understand how you feel about something before you throw money at it.


The biggest obstacle that you will face on the stock market is the ability to control your own emotions. It’s so important that you make logical decisions and that you also use the knowledge that you have right now. If you feel negative about the market, then don’t invest in it. Don’t be driven by rumours, or other people’s opinions either, because these are by no means any reflection on the way that you feel or even the movements that are happening on the market. If you want to get an honest opinion of how the market is doing then do your research, and look up things like the Canadian dollar forecast so you can work out if it is a viable option.

Handle the Basics First

Before you go ahead and make your very first investment, you need to take the time to learn the basics. You need to know a lot about the stock market and you also need to know about the securities that compose it as well. Unless you are choosing to invest in an ETF, your focus will probably be on individual securities and not the market as a whole, but that being said any knowledge that you can gather will make you a way better investor and it will also help you to gain much more control over your investment as well.