If you have been running an online business for a long time, and invested in online marketing campaigns, it is important that you are focusing on the quality of traffic instead of the quantity. This is where many business owners get it wrong. Instead of investing in advanced technologies to improve their conversions, they pay for traffic that will never lead to sales. Below you’ll find a few tips on how to get started with tackling your low conversion rates.

Website Analysis

The first thing you have to check to find out why you are not getting enough sales from your website, despite the high traffic is your Google Analytics account. You will not only see the detailed statistics of your website traffic, but also find out where your customers are from, which devices they use, and which pages they enter and exit your site. This valuable information will help you tweak your marketing messages, so you can convince more visitors to buy from you.

Marketing Audit

In case you have been doing ad-hoc marketing campaigns, and had little or no return on your investment, you might need a marketing audit. You should get in touch with a professional digital marketing agency that can help you identify the problems with your targeting and messages. If you have failed to talk your customers’ language or give your visitors a good enough reason to buy from you, this must change.



In some cases, your website might come up for irrelevant search terms, and you will have to retarget your website to increase your profits from your marketing campaigns. One of the best ways of getting started is finding out who your potential customers are and what their market behavior is. Visit social media sites, blogs, and forums, to find out what their main problem is and offer a custom solution that will tick all the boxes.

Improving Your Content

Content is still king. If you only have some old and less than interesting and engaging blog posts on your site, it might be time to spruce up the content. Add images, infographics, and even videos to capture your audience’s attention and build trust. You will have to be able to connect with your visitors on a personal level; remember that people buy from people and not companies.

Online Marketing Automation

In some cases, you are simply neglecting some opportunities to connect with your visitors and even returning customers. It is always cheaper and more effective to follow warm leads or sell to existing customers. You can automate your online marketing so you can send out personalized messages and promotions that are relevant to your target customers.

In case you are wondering whether you need more traffic to make sales online, you should start focusing on your conversion rates and effectiveness before you invest in more mass traffic generation methods. Review your results and statistics and make adjustments in your campaigns to turn more visitors into customers.