If you’re in the food industry, you should already know at least a few things about food delivery apps. These have taken restaurants by storm, and are becoming stronger every day. As can be seen from sites like https://www.pagecloud.com, there are now endless providers offering this service, with the likes of Deliveroo and UberEats often coming up trumps.

In short; these companies do what they say on the tin. They provide customers a chance to order food from favorite restaurants using apps. Options like these are such big earners that there’s a chance you already work with a company like this. The trouble is that getting listed on sites like these is never cheap. In fact, doing a deal with UberEats can cost you between 25-35% of each bill they bring. If you get a lot of orders coming in that way, then, you stand to fork out a pretty significant amount to companies like these.

Of course, you could argue that this is extra income, and the loss, therefore, isn’t all that bad. And, you would have a point. The additional coverage your company gets here can often be worth the cost. But, have you ever considered how good it would feel to enjoy the full amount from your deliveries?

Offering delivery as a restaurant can be risky. You would have to fork out for vehicles, as well as employing at least one driver. But, if you’re already seeing some success on these platforms, it’s likely going solo with deliveries would be worth your while. And, to make sure you do it right, you need only look at the following lessons from the most popular delivery services.

Delivery is a sure way to growth

As a restaurant owner, everything you do should be a step towards company growth. As such, the first lesson worth learning is the growth on offer if you get deliveries right. Consider Deliveroo, who is now the fastest growing company in Europe. They experienced a groundbreaking 107,117% increase in revenue in just three years. And, they aren’t the only company who have seen growth skyrocket at top speed. UberEats are also seeing massive growth in both their users and the areas they cover. If nothing else, this is proof that deliveries reap rewards. And, those are rewards you could enjoy by simply jumping on this bandwagon as well. While you alone might not see the growth of wide-reaching companies like Deliveroo, you can at least bet that an option for delivery sees you on top in your local area. And, in this age of focusing on local business, that could be all it takes to keep your company strong for a long time.

Apps are the way forward

In ye days of old, deliveries were a phone-based affair. As in, customers had to pick up the phone and speak to someone at the other end. Services like those mentioned above are proving, though, that phones still matter in a whole new way. Now, customers don’t want the hassle of having to phone up or wait in line to place their order. They want to be able to take care of this when they’re out about, without even your number to hand. In other words, they want an app which they can rely on. The one thing all delivery food apps have in common is that they’re apps. Obviously. So, make sure you keep up by developing an app yourself with the help of articles like this one at steelkiwi.com. Once you get this in the bag, you can bet your delivery offering will soon start to see results.

Cars aren’t always the best delivery options

These popular delivery services can also teach you a thing or two about the way you deliver your food. Options like Deliveroo rely on bicycles and motorbikes for deliveries. This makes sense when you consider that they often deliver in large cities with congested roads. Allowing drivers to dip in and out of traffic ensures food always arrives on time and hot. This is worth considering before you go forking out for pricey cars which don’t serve your purpose. Instead, it may be worth looking for bicycles. Or, perhaps you fancy motorbikes and want to head to sites like cleanharleys.com for more information on what’s available. As well as ensuring swift delivery, you may find that options like these are cheaper to buy and insure. When you consider that they should also free you to take more orders each night, you could well be onto a winner. All thanks to the brains behind Deliveroo.

Customers are willing to pay more for convenience

Don’t forget, as well, that services like these often charge customers as well as restaurants. UberEats, for instance, tend to charge around $5 to each customer per order. And, people are paying that fee in their thousands, all for the joy of getting food delivered to their homes. If you’re holding back because you’re worried about losing money, then, this is a lesson which could be of real use to you. If companies like these can charge a delivery fee, after all, there’s no reason you can’t do the same. Admittedly, you might not be able to get away with quite the same charges as a lot of the apps out there. You aren’t traveling across the city to reach your own restaurant, after all. Still, you may find that a charge fee of a few dollars makes all the difference. This alone can help you to cover the costs of fuel, and also the wages of your delivery team. The more orders coming your way, then, the less of a financial burden deliveries will be on your business as a whole.

Deciding to offer delivery is tough. It’s certainly not an obvious option for every restaurant out there. But, if you want to go far, it’s worth noting the opportunities on offer. In no time, you could become a household name like Deliveroo has managed to do.