Fiverr is a goldmine if you know how to work it properly. It originally started as a site where you can buy and sell anything for $5, but in the recent months it has expanded to high profit, high margin marketplace.

In today’s episode I am reviewing a collection of the best 5 done for you Fiverr “gigs” which earn up to $100 / day in as little as 20-30 minutes of work.

Watch my review to find out exactly how it works:

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Click Here at 11am US EST Wednesday the 30th of Dec To Secure The Discount + My Bonus Below

5rr Masterclass Review $12.95 ($17 after Early Bird)

2 weeks ago I reviewed another high quality Fiverr product called “5rr Enigma”. I was very happy to hear that a few of you have already made sales using that Fiverr method.

And so I decided that I should probably pay more attention to Fiverr in the future, and that’s why I decided to take a look at “5rr Masterclass”.

Art Flair has been a top-rated 5rr Seller since 2012, and inside 5rr Masterclass he reveals the same content that he deliveres inside hish 5rr Coaching Program. The difference though is that normally his coaching costs $467 if you want to buy it.

But Art has decided to release the best 5 “done for you” gigs and sell them for $12.95 as a limited offer for the next 5 days only. Actually the price will only be $12.95 for the first 3 hours, going up to $17 after that.

Inside this course, you will find 11 high quality videos showing you:

  • 5 done for you gigs which have been top-sellers for Art
  • Actual jobs to post are included, as well as the instructions on how to deliver the gigs
  • Account set up and gig creation instructions
  • Exact steps to easily fulfil each gig (in 5-10 minutes)

A lot of other 5rr courses are lacking in the exact instructions. Some are very vague and just say “find something that sells well and do the same”. Well, this course is completely different because it actually tells you which exact gigs to set up, and how to fulfil them.

Upgrade 1 – 30 More Done-For-You Gigs – $19.95

Here is a collection of 30 more gigs so you can set up even more jobs on Fiverr.

Upgrade 2 – Additional Techniques – $37

Inside Art is including some additional material:

1) Tricks about ranking on Page 1 for almost any keyword in 5rr search results
2) Additional case study showing over-the-shoulder his exact gig set up and how much he’s made
3) Extra techniques to squeeze out more profits from every gig

Click Here at 11am US EST Wednesday the 30th of Dec To Secure The Discount + My Bonus Below

My Bonus

I have provided you with my own Custom-Made Bonus:

Bonus 1: Additional Fiverr Earning Technique 

This is a short 10-minute video that I have made showing you one EXTRA way to earn additional revenue while fulfilling your Fiverr gigs.

How To Get The Bonus: Please reply to my email and I will send you the bonus within 24 hours

Click Here at 11am US EST Wednesday the 30th of Dec To Secure The Discount + My Bonus Below

Questions or Comments?

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    8 replies to "$100 / Day in 30 Minutes"

    • Greg Kononenko

      Hi guys, if you have any comments or questions at all, please just drop me a comment and I will get back to you ASAP 🙂

    • Robert

      How is the difference between this and the 5rr Enigma Art just released recently?

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Robert, thanks for your questions. Everything on Fiverr is about the gigs, so 5rr Enigma was about 2 gigs. 5rr Masterclass are 5 gigs which are different to 5rr Enigma. Hope this clarifies it for you. Cheers. Greg

        • Robert

          Thanks Greg for your quick response.
          I have a couple more questions please:
          Does the OTO1 downsell DFY gigs really have gigs a brand know nothing newbie could just cut and paste or do I need to create them?
          I am tired of jumping around and need something that actually will work and help me start 2016 right and help get me out of debt and into abundance.
          Also I got your Genius Marketing Pro – can I use that with this for better results.
          Sorry but I am an older guy not technical and needing as much help as possible but the Internet INFO Overload is overwhelming to me.
          I appreciate your help,

          • Greg Kononenko

            Hi Robert, if you’re looking for an easy straightforward setup, then the main course is all you really need. You can get the upgrade later if you want to. Cheers and best wishes for 2016! Greg

            • Robert

              Late hours at the J.O.B. but I got in.
              Thank you for your help – looking forward to a better year!
              Best to you and yours for 2016!

    • Tim Cronin

      Within the last month, there was an arbitrage course which included software to match up job requests with people who could do the work at a cheaper price; the software helping to match the 2 up, me making the difference. My guess is that I wouldn’t need such a software according to the description of this program here, but there is a part about outsourcing, so wondering if such a software may be useful for that aspect of this course. Teaching us how to have customers come to us, plus being able to fulfill the gig, is definitely sounding do-able to a novice wannabe like myself.

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Tim, thanks for your comment. Yes the other software was “Arbitrage Underdog” and it matched up between Fiverr and Craiglist, and it works quite well.
        With this 5rr Masterclass program, you won’t need to use that software, because this is all about how to list your gigs and make sales right on Fiverr, without having to go to Craigslist. Hope this helps. Cheers. Greg

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