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Here is how you can win a FREE COPY of a software + training package which includes a high quality page builder, autoresponder, case study training and much more (watch the video or read below the video how to enter).

Welcome to my first software launch Genius Marketing Pro!

I am sure you already know that it’s expensive to run an online business. We need training on how to do things, and that costs money. We need page builders to create optin pages, download pages etc – that costs money. We need hosting – it costs money. We need an autoresponder – again, it costs money. Many of these things are RECURRING payments as well.

Well, this is why I have been working behind the scenes last couple of months to put together a cool software tool that does the job of up to 10 different tools, all for a one-time low fee.

Watch this video or read below to see how you can get a FREE COPY of this software:

Click Here at 11am Friday the 13th of Nov US EST To Grab This + My Bonuses Below

Click Here at 11am Friday the 13th of Nov US EST To Grab This + My Bonuses Below

Winners Announced:

Congratulations to the 3 winners! Here is the live video of the draw.


Thanks everyone for participating! If you have won, please contact me on Facebook or via email and let me know your email addresses so that I can establish the accounts for you.

Written Review – Main Software ($47)

We have built a software that does the job of several service for a fraction of the cost. Here is an outline of the main features:


Here are the key features:

  • Drag and Drop page builder
  • Create squeeze, landing, sales, webinar, download pages and much much more
  • Over 75 built in templates
  • 100% mobile optimized
  • Web based, no install required
  • Ability to edit the source code of each page in HTML
  • Great design
  • … much much more

PART 2: Built in Auto Responder

While we probably cannot replace Aweber yet, for someone on a budget this is going to be a very helpful tool saving significant monthly expenses when you are first starting out. It’s really aimed at those who are beginning with NIL subscribers and don’t want to pay too unnecessary fees while getting established.

PART 3: Sell your own digital products

Get the platform to sell and deliver your own digital products.

PART 4: Copywriting Help

I’ve paid over $15k to copywriters in the past 12 months alone, and it can be a huge expense.

If you are just starting out, our software can help you with good copywriting prompts.

PART 5: Case Study Training

We have also provided some Case Study Training, including how Steve and I made over $100k in sales in October from our product launch.

This tool alone is worth much more than the $47 it will be sold for, but it is also supplemented by the case study training so that you can see how Steve and I build our own funnels.


Inside the main package, you get everything you need. Most people will NOT need to buy the upgrades to get the “good stuff”. It’s all included in the main product.

The upgrades are there for very specific things, let me explain what I mean:

1st Upgrade ($77) – Pro Features

In the 1st upgrade, you will get some Professional features:

  • 1 Click Funnel Creation – the main product already allows you to create and sell digital products. However, it would mean you need to manually create your funnels outside of the Genius Marketing Pro interface. If you want to start selling digital products in big volumes, then this can help as it provides the ability to create drag and drop funnels

  • Funnel Sharing – Ability to share winning  high converting funnels with your affiliates or partners
  • Instant Split Payments – Inside the main product you will get ability to pay affiliates, but with this upgrade you’ll be able to provide them with instant payments
  • $300k Case Study – you will also get additional training from Dwayne Golden on how he made $300k on his last launch

Upgrade 2 Review ($97) – Done For You Funnels

Inside this upgrade you will get 5 done for you funnels.

What this means is that you will get:

  • Done for you, your own Digital Product to sell
  • Optin Page
  • Front end offer
  • Back end offer
  • Follow up autoresponder messages
  • Instant activation

Best of all? It is already inside your Genius Marketing Pro account. So you can just activate it, and it will just magically appear, all set up and ready to go.

Upgrade 3 Review ($197) – Reseller Rights

Have you ever wanted to have your own software to sell, but never had ideas for software or the $10,000 or more it requires to develop?

You can pick up the Reseller Rights to this product and resell it keeping 100% of the profit.

Click Here at 11am Friday the 13th of Nov US EST To Grab This + My Bonuses Below

My Bonuses

If you pick this up through my link, I will add in a cool bonus:

Bonus #1: My own collection of 650+ stunning graphics

When you use this software to build pages, you are going to need some awesome graphics. And this is exactly what I am providing – my own collection of all IM graphics you could possibly need.

Questions or Comments?

I love hearing from you guys! So please just leave me a comment or question in the comments section below.

Good luck to anyone who is trying to win the course!

Greg Kononenko - 12/11/2015

Leave a comment here or in the WP Comments below to win your copy 🙂

    keon - 13/11/2015

    greg can we up load our list into the auto responder from the one we are paying for, and have you tested the deliverally ability with this auto responder

christine - 12/11/2015

Hi Greg, this sounds so awesome… I’m especially interested in the autoresponder feature. If I use gmp, I won’t need my getresponse acc anymore?

    Greg Kononenko - 13/11/2015

    Hi Christine, honestly our autoresponder is NOT as sophisticated as Aweber or GetResponse. It does the job, but it can’t replace ALL of GR or Aweber functions. It is a good solution for someone starting out who doesn’t want to pay $27 – $97 every month.

      Christine - 13/11/2015

      Thanks Greg, I’m just starting out building my list. So I think this would be perfect… I don’t want to have to pay the monthly fees for autoresponder…maybe later down the line is fine.. but now it just seems too much for something I have to have but still not use 🙁 Great solution… I agree… 🙂

Rob - 12/11/2015

Greg, this looks FANTASTIC! I’ve got a few pieces of software and some services that do these things, but to have them all in ONE interface is pure gold. Can’t wait to check this out!!

Robert - 12/11/2015

Sounds like great and very useful software. I am sure I will find it very useful.

Suzi - 12/11/2015

I need all the help I can get to get started .. I don’t have any tools!!

Tony Prodger - 12/11/2015

I have purchased several packages over the years but have always been on the lookout for an all in one solution. (Very similar to Microsoft Office Package) where each individual item is good in its own right but as a group became even more complete. This looks as though it could certainly be on the right track and I look forward to seeing the launch

kind regards

Tony Prodger

Gary Crowell - 13/11/2015

Dude this is really cool. I’ve pondered the thought of something like this wondering if there was anything like it. This looks to be pretty well thought out and thorough. And at a very fair price I might add.

Joe - 13/11/2015

I really like the idea that the upsells are explained Thanks

Susan - 13/11/2015

This software looks awesome. I am especially interested in the Page Builder with all the templates, the autoresponder, and the copywriting prompts, since I’m a terrible copywriter. I would use it to help get my online business off the ground. I appreciate that you are offering it at an affordable price, so we who are not making money yet can actually afford it! Oh yeah, and your cool bonus package of 650+ stunning graphics is the clincher!

Wim - 13/11/2015

Hey Greg,

The software looks awesome and I trust that knowing you it will work just as awesome.

Sadly I will pass on this offer even though I could have used it very nicely in what I am building at the moment, as there I am aiming at including Page-Builders as well! Being Web-based leaves that out of the question.

I wish You all the success in the world with this endeavor.

Morgan - 13/11/2015

I own instabuilder 2 and from what I have seen from your demonstration, it doesn’t even come any where closer to this Genius marketing pro software. This is everything I have been looking for and more. Being able to create funnels to sell my own product will be very helpful. I have loved your wsos and this is unbelievable

Geniusmarketing pro looks like Instabuilder2, 10minutefunnels and videostorepro together. If you haven’t seen them then check them up on youtube.

Suren Rao - 13/11/2015

Hey Greg, it sounds too good to be true. You guys have formed a team which comes up with incredible software that truly delivers!Look forward to get a hands on experience!

Fraser - 13/11/2015

Looks great Greg. Could use it many places – looks like you have thought of everything! This would be perfect to set up quick sales funnels and sell digital products. I particularly like the way you have included the function to build sales pages too as a couple of page builders actually only literally build landing / opt in pages and thank you pages but not sales pages, which seems bonkers. And annoying!

And as it is from you I trust it will work!

Troy - 13/11/2015

As you will see from my website, there is much room for improvements over time. For one thing Landing Pages are need to further diversify the objects seeking traffic. I purchased socispot, in good faith based upon your offer. Doesn’t this establish a certain loyalty to your products. I could lay on all the hype but I’m simply interested in anthing offering a solid promise for improving my website.

Rihcard - 13/11/2015

Hello Greg, I would love to win this software! I’ve been looking and at what it would cost to buy and the time it would take to use multiple software along with the recurring cost of an autoresponder. Things add up fast! This software is obviously the answer to cost savings and time management in getting started online, which is where I am right now. The internet marketing world is dauniting and can be confusing with all the available options. It looks amazing and I plan to use it as an affiliate marketer of various products. I appreciate your upfront mention of the upsells, it is a rarity in the internet marketing world. Even if I don’t win, I will buy. Thanks for being ethical, it stands out!

Marko - 13/11/2015

This is a new product, so I wonder if the Auto Responder is really already so reliable that I can just unsubscribe from AWeber? If this is true, then this would be great.

    Greg Kononenko - 13/11/2015

    Hi Marko, thanks! Well, we don’t have ALL the features of Aweber or GR. So it is not a complete replacement, rather a good tool for someone just starting out who doesn’t want to pay monthly fees just yet.
    Having said that, it does basic things pretty well.

Cristian - 13/11/2015

Hey Greg,

A GREAT piece of software. There have been a lot of page builders launched recently, but yours one-in-all solution beats them all. 😉

    Greg Kononenko - 13/11/2015

    Hi Christian, thanks! Well, we don’t have ALL the features of Aweber or GR. So it is not a complete replacement, rather a good tool for someone just starting out who doesn’t want to pay monthly fees just yet.
    Having said that, it does basic things pretty well.

Brad - 13/11/2015

Hi Greg

From one Aussie to another, well done on this product launch! I really appreciate the upfront information on the up sells. As someone starting out, this software will be extremely useful as its looks to bring everything together. One quick question, can this integrate with SocioSpot? Cheers Brad

    Greg Kononenko - 13/11/2015

    Hi Brad, thanks! And yeah I am pretty sure you can display the SociSpot images in the pages you make with this software.

Brad - 13/11/2015

Oops, I put the incorrect email address in my previous post… I must have been too excited about the software 🙂

Bill Henderson - 13/11/2015

Pure Genius Greg!! Gold medal first time out on the track. I so need this software to get off the starting line and hopefully start catching you up!

Sue - 13/11/2015

We may have beaten you for the Ashes, but you certainly kick our ass on the software front!! I love this nearly as much as I loved your gorgeous country when I had the privilege to visit a few years back. Well done! Sue

Martin Murphy - 13/11/2015

“Hi Greg thanks for the great video review on GENIUS MARKETING PRO REVIEW, what I love about it is the drop & drag page builder with full easy to follow steps to edit all elements within the massive choice of pages. The auto-responder is a fantastic asset to have with no monthly bills which is great when setting out on a limited budget. Being able to sell your own products is a big advantage and the copy writing help makes it all the complete package”.

James - 13/11/2015

An excellent suite of tools all in one place. Time is money.

Annie - 13/11/2015

Hi greg,After 4 years of trying to make pages,get a site useful i can understand I still cannot get it worked out,this may be the tools i can really use without a degree.Australians like us do have a hard time getting help from tools based elsewhere,this could be the one that can do this for people who have been trying so long and so hard.I will be your living truth of how it can do this for anyone,if i can drive this,anyone could and thats the truth,happy fishing,great weather for it,cheers it looks awesome:)

    Greg Kononenko - 13/11/2015

    Thanks Annie, yeah I am hoping for a bit of sun next week! 8 days till the fishing trip, woohoo 🙂 Good luck in the draw 🙂

Jim Derr - 13/11/2015

WOW Greg! Are you reading my mind or what? I was just pondering which Page Building Software I was going to buy to create my CPA Landing Pages for Bing and I was looking at buying Instabuilder and OptimizePress to make sure I was getting everything I may need to accomplish this task. Then you send me an email on this software. Wow! Have fun fishing also! My dad use to go deep sea fishing. Again thanks for the heads up!

    Greg Kononenko - 13/11/2015

    Hey Jim, oh nice! So are you into fishing too? And yeah looks like good timing, hope I can send a copy your way, good luck in the draw!

Bruce Boretsky - 13/11/2015

Hi Greg, I’ve promoted your products in the past and know you always
deliver a high value.

I can see where this software would not only make it simpler to
perform multiple tasks under one umbrella, but it also eliminates
the need to have several windows open at the same time to accomplish
many of these tasks.

Streamlined and simplified. Nice Job.

Seann Valen - 13/11/2015

This is just what I need right now! Perfect timing. I just finished up 2 years with 1 full-time client and I’m looking to put together my own system for financial freedom. I’ve purchased more products than I can mention to get various jobs done and this product looks like the breath of fresh air I’ve been waiting for. I’ll be able to do most of my projects right inside instead of running off to different apps to accomplish different tasks. A real time saver. I’m really impressed! See you early tomorrow!

Jurgis Seckus - 13/11/2015

The most interesting features are reserved for upgrades. I am not sure they are included in the give-away. Ability to build funnels is the prize here.

    Greg Kononenko - 13/11/2015

    Hi Jurgis, yeah you’re right, but we couldn’t possibly include Reseller Rights or 5 Done For You funnels in the Frontend 🙂 Would make the price of the main Item too high

Lucia - 13/11/2015

Hey Greg,
I feel better knowing that you are part of the team that built and sells GMP. The problem I’ve had with some developers and promoters is that they sell the heck out of their new launches but fail to support and/or update their software 6 – 12 months later. I have long since purged these people from my inbox and life. Yes, I may have been suckered once by them and wasted moneys on their products but they will never pry a single red cent out of me in the future. They can churn n’ burn all they like but eventually their reputation will catch up to them. I enjoy buying useful tools from and through you and a few others because you have kept up your integrity in the shark-infested IM business.
One question: Is there a maximum subscriber/Bandwidth limit to GMP’s Autoresponder?

Sharon - 13/11/2015

It seems like a good software with a lot of tools all together in one place. I was wondering: how does this go with WordPress sites?

    Greg Kononenko - 13/11/2015

    Hi Sharon, thanks! You can export the HTML code and place onto your WP site if that’s what you prefer. Software has HTML export function. Good luck in the draw!

John Hill - 13/11/2015

Everything in one place is an ingenious idea. Just what the IM industry needs. I wonder why no one has done this before?

Igors - 13/11/2015

Looks really good. Can’t wait to be able to replace some existing software I’m using with this all-in-one solution!

Piotr - 13/11/2015

Hi Greg,
looks really awesome! One stop solution for all my im needs! Can I use funnels without upgrade?

    Greg Kononenko - 13/11/2015

    Hi Piotr, you can use the simple product delivery system (without built in funnels). But if you want the drag and drop funnels, then they only come in the upgrade.

John - 13/11/2015

Well done Greg – seriously helpful software for just about anyone

sylvester - 14/11/2015

Hi Greg, it looks really complete one point solution for all my IM needs! and one time payment is just awesome!

barby - 14/11/2015

Hi Greg
Great software you’ve created. This will definitely help Internet Marketers and cut a huge chunk of our monthly expenses. Thanks for putting the effort to create such a software. All the best for your launch!

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