It appears that when people search on Google, they tend to only look at the first 2 or 3 pages of the results. If they cannot see what they are after, they change the search wording slightly and try again. Sometimes, many hundreds of thousands of results are returned on a search, and there is no doubt that viewers will not stay to look at them all.

As it is the most popular of search engines, you need to make sure yours is among those first ones if you want it to your brand seen. There are some things Google likes, and other things that will drop you down the rankings, so let’s take a look at what you need to do to be up there in the top few.

Update Content Often

Updating your content is really important because if you don’t, Google thinks your site is no longer viable and drops it down the rankings. Sites where the information has become stale are one of the things Google does not like.

Advances in technology mean that it is able to take account of the images and videos on your website as well. It no longer has to be just written content. Anything you do write for your site should have strong keywords that are relevant to the consumers you are targeting. In fact, it should be good enough for others to wish that the piece were on their page instead of yours. It is often the case that using a digital advertising company is the best way to guarantee the quality of your content. Whatever you do, Only use reliable sources for your information, and make sure any links you include are informative. Google loves links to other good sites, and this will help improve your place in the rankings.

Never copy something from another website. Google hates plagiarism and will move you to a lower place if it realizes this is what you have done.

Interaction Matters

The more time people spend on your site, the more Google will like it. Encourage viewers to comment on your posts, sign up to your newsletters and buy your product or service. Although having great content is crucial, it is not enough on its own.

Creating case studies, conducting interviews, having question and answer sessions or running a contest are all good ways to get viewers to do more than just look.

You have to ensure that users interact with your site if you want Google to love it.

Add Value

Google, and all other search engines, are looking for content that adds value to the Internet. There is so much material online that is worthless that they actively encourage the better sites by putting them higher in their rankings.

Not only will you be in a higher position, the things mentioned will help to build trust in your brand. That is vital for any online business to succeed, as without trust you will not have any consumers buying your products or using your service.