Knowing what a great company logo should consist of can often help us begin our branding efforts with a sense of ability and utility. Hopefully, as your efforts grow and you extend your presence on the market, this logo will become more noticeable, and people will start associating the font, colors and presence of the symbol itself with your brand.

This can be hard to do. It doesn’t happen accidentally. It will take some good forward thinking and true certainty that this is the image you hope to place your project behind. Symbols are powerful things, so it’s essential to ensure you are content with your output before it becomes mainstream.


Here are a few things to ensure your logo consists of:


Your goal should be to make your logo as clear as possible. This means if you try to depict something, you use the easiest depiction of that graphic as possible. For example, let’s say you’re a cafe. What would be the easiest image to adopt, the most recognizable one? Of course it might be a coffee cup. You might make the best sandwiches in your state, but a two-tone sandwich is harder to emphasize the clarity with, and it might not look as appealing. Ideally, you should hope that returning customers can immediately identify your brand logo, whereas new customers can immediately and succinctly memorize your branding.

Without this, you might find it difficult to gain a foothold over your branding. With it, and the use of a logo design generator, you will have a cornerstone of how to make other decisions. For example:

Minimal Color Schemes

Ideally, a logo should be two colors. Three is acceptable. Four is pushing it. Five is always going to be hard to reproduce. Think of any company that comes to mind, and it’s rare that it’s logo will keep more than three colors. Netflix’s is black, white and red. Coca Cola’s is white and red. Many companies just use a single word in a single color, that way absolutely no one could question the name of the business. That’s a very good and viable tactic too. You see, this might all sound obvious, but simplicity is some of the best temperance you can place in any branding effort. The simpler, often the more subtle. From the use of the color scheme of your logo will emanate in all color schemes from there on out. It might be on your promotional fliers. It might be the color of shirt your staff wears. Less colors are easy to memorize, simple and beautiful, and can contribute plenty to the life of your firm.

Your Font

It might be you keep a word as your logo. It might be an accompaniement. Either way, you will need to use a font that is original, maybe even custom designed, to attribute your brand to an ideal. It needs to be recognizable. For example, it’s likely you can picture the Disney font if we bring it up now. Fonts can convey plenty of personalities, and show a customer they are in the right place. Consider the word of your business and how to creatively place around with it. It might contribute something essential to the scope of your firm.

A great logo consists of many things, and these simple suggestions should help you get started.