Whether you are considering a bathroom remodel or you are in the process of upgrading your layout, every home improvement project requires adequate planning and budgeting. A previous article reviews the essential considerations for homeowners who wish to roll up their sleeves and get the work done themselves.

But it’s not always an option. So what do you need to bear in mind when you’re working with professional contractors?

#1. Guarantee

The last thing you want is to have to call back the contractor to fix the same thing again. When you hire a specialist, you should enquire about their labour guarantee. Some experts, such as Sydney Emergency Plumbing, provide a lifetime labour guarantee, which means you can rest assured that they do the work properly and will not make you pay twice for the same repair job.

#2. Liability insurance

You can ask your contractor if they have insurance policies that cover potential injuries on-site or delays in completing the project. For instance, if you hire a roofing company to repair your roof, you want to make sure that they have something in place for the event of public injuries. You don’t want the project to be put on hold in the event a pedestrian has got hurt by falling material.

#3. Quote

Cost is also a significant matter when working with professionals. Homeowners do not budget for labour costs when they plan a DIY project. Therefore, you will face a higher cost than what you would pay if you had to do it yourself. But, you must also consider:

  • Discounted material cost (contractor receive commercial discount)
  • No need to purchase specialist tools
  • Years of experience

Yet, to ensure you get the best price, take the time to compare contractors and ask for a quote.

#4. Life disruption

How long is the project going to take? Do you need to be on-site at all times? If you need someone to come and trim your trees, you may not be able to be at home during the week. So it’s worth asking your contractors whether they can come during the weekend or whether they can work when you are not at home.
For long-term projects, contractors will let you know the expected duration and whether you need to be there.

#5. Advice

You may have a fantastic idea of how to improve your home. But only a professional can tell you if it is feasible. Does your contractor offer advice and inspiration to help you with the project? Some contractors are happy to share images of previous projects to help their clients find the right design.

#6. Sustainability

It’s hard to talk about being eco-friendly when you discuss home improvements. When you are working on a budget or a small project, contractors have limited options to bring sustainable solutions. However, more and more contractors focus on providing solutions that can keep your household’s carbon footprint low by:

  • Reducing energy loss
  • Maximising energy efficiency
  • Reducing water consumption
  • Maximising natural lighting
  • Avoiding harsh chemicals

Finding the right contractor is no easy task, and it’s best to take your time to establish a list and compare professionals. Consider quote, insurance, labour guarantee, advisory support, lifetime disruption, and sustainability when choosing the right contractor for your project.