There are plenty of ways that you can invest your money, from stocks and shares to precious metals and jewels. One of the best ways to invest your cash is in property. Property is a tangible asset and it’s one that will gain value over time. If you have money laying around, you want to put it to work and the best way to do that is by investing in income property. This is a property that is bought and developed purely with the intention of earning money on it and if you invest in property, you need to look at the rules surrounding keeping your tenants safe long term – especially if you invest in an entire block of apartments.

Income properties aren’t just residential. They can be multi-family properties and even commercial properties. As an owner, you could make money by renting out the property while it earns value and then you sell it later for that big profit that will give you the future that you need. Understanding Strata law is very important if you choose to have a multi-tenancy property and you need to know how you can make money from your property and how quickly you can do it. You need to know the risks and what tax advantages are involved, and you also want to ensure that this is going to be a smart investment for your future. Once you know you’re ready, you need to know why you should go for it. Below, we’ve detailed five benefits of buying an income property.

1. You are the person in charge of this property. You choose who you rent to, how much you charge and even which property you should be investing in. this is your game and you are the one in charge of it happening and making it work. You can even rent out a whole building to tourists as part of an Airbnb agreement or VRBO. It’s totally up to you how you treat this property!
2. The property will appreciate over time, especially if you take good care of it. You can ensure that you are using a minimal amount of your own money while you borrow the rest. You can even add more to the property and find that this is an excellent investment for your future. Your tenants will be able to sign agreements and over time with good care, you can see the value of your property go up.
3. The biggest benefit of an investment property is the fact that there is money in your pocket. You can earn rent from your tenants and this exceeds the mortgage you are paying. When this happens, you get to earn a substantial profit on the building. This money in your pocket can be both a profit and a way to reinvest in the property entirely. You can upgrade, add parking, add extensions and even invest in a new roof and flooring whenever you need to.

An investment property is going to be a great way to put your money where your mouth is!