I am sure you’ve of Instagram – the largest image-based social network. But have you use Instagram ads yet? If not, then you are missing out on cheap, untapped traffic.

Just like 99% of marketers out there, everyone is trying to go for Facebook and Google traffic. Yet smart marketers are starting to run huge Instagram Ads campaigns.

And it doesn’t take long to get results. Luke Blower started using Instagram a few months ago, and now he’s doing extremely well with them, averaging $150 revenue a day with ad spend of $40 a day which is a pretty sweet ROI.

Watch the video below to see exactly how you can start getting traffic from Instagram Ads today.

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Click Here To Lock In The Earlybird Price and my Exclusive Bonus

Course Summary

All details above in the video, but here is a summary:

– Instagram ads are completely untapped, because 99% of marketers are still not using them
– Instagram has 400,000,000 active users who are very passionate and engaged, so it’s a HUGE marketplace
– You can get traffic in any niche because of the huge size of Instagram audience
– Clicks starting from $0.02 – $0.03

The method Luke uses consists of a few steps:

– Step 1: Run a video ad to create a custom audience of approx 3,000 – 6,000 (costs around $10)
– Step 2: Convert that custom audience into a Lookalike audience of 2,000,000 (Free)
– Step 3: Run website clicks or conversion ads to the Lookalike audience

What you get:

– 10 module video course with about 2 hours of instruction videos
– good training on Instagram ads

What I liked:

The thing I liked the most was that Luke is really doing the method. He shows his Instagram accounts, he has followers on at least 3 of them (some 4,000 followers and some 7,000 followers).

He also shows the posts he makes, and each post gets 90 – 200 “Likes” which is much higher than Facebook by the way. So Instagram users are definitely super engaged.

The course also does a good job overall and will get you to the stage where you get traffic

What I didn’t like:

There is no real training on how to monetise the traffic you’re going to get.

So the course really is a traffic course, not a course about how to profit.

Luke talks about a few things like CPA and eCom, but there is no actual training that Luke provides about how to set up the eCom store.

So, I have decided to offer that as my bonus – training on setting up the eCom store.

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My Bonus

Bonus 1: Exclusive Bonus – training on how to set up your eCom store

Now that you know how to get traffic from Instagram, you need to be able to monetise it.

So I will provide you with the bonus about how to set up your eCom store and how to then start making sales with the traffic you’re getting and how to fulfil the orders.

Bonus 2: Vendors Pack with 8

I haven’t reviewed those in detail, they might be just PLR bonuses, and everyone is gonna be offering them, so I might as well list them:

  • Facebook Live Authority
  • Discount Motivator Pro
  • WP Engage+
  • Affiliate Contest Secrets
  • 100 AutoResponder Marketing Emails
  • Pro Copywriter
  • Make 1k to 3k Per Sale
  • Six Figure Blueprint

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How To Claim The Bonus

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    2 replies to "Insta Profit Machine Review"

    • Gaz

      Hi Greg, this looks good but do I need a smart phone? I don’t have a smart phone and I think Instagram is a smart phone based site isn’t it? Secondly I got abit confused when you mentioned Facebook a few times. Is this both Instagram and Facebook?
      Thanks! Gaz

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Gaz, actually you can totally use Instagram on your PC, it works well. And Facebook owns Instagram, so you can create INstagram Ads through the FB Ads Interface, sorry I didn’t make it clear.

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