If you are an animal lover, then the idea of a job that means you can spend more time with them must sound like a dream come true. The great news is that there are many jobs that will allow you to have all the time you need with your four-legged friends; you just need to work out how to go about looking. For example, are you looking for a job where you work with animals or a job that gives you more freedom to spend with the animals you already have at home? We look at both options so that you can determine just what is best for you.

Flexible Working

Finding a job that allows for flexible working hours could be something that would work really well when it comes to caring for an animal at home. Although some animals are perfectly
fine to be left alone, some – particularly dogs as they need to be exercised – will need human interaction throughout the day. If your job is flexible and you can choose your hours, you will be able to be with them when you need to be.

Being self-employed and working on a freelance basis can give you this option, and there is a lot you can do in this arena. You could become a cab or Uber driver, choosing when you work to suit your own circumstances, perhaps. This can require some investment to begin with, but if you go to this page, you can find out how to achieve this. Another idea is to become a supply teacher, or a driving instructor, or any number of other career paths.

Part Time Working

For some, the idea of being self-employed is not something they want to entertain; it’s too uncertain and feels frightening. They would much prefer to get a guaranteed paycheck each month. In that case, working part-time might be a good alternative. That way, you can still be paid regularly, but you will also have more time at home to spend with your pets.
Working part-time is a good option for those who don’t require a large income, but if you do need to pay more bills then this idea, despite its appeal, may not work well for you.

Work From Home

More and more organizations are discovering the benefit of allowing their employees to work from home. It saves them money since they don’t need to pay for a large office, and it keeps the employees happier and more productive since they are more comfortable at home. Plus they don’t have the stress of a daily commute, and their work-life balance is often much better than if they had to go to an office every day.

It also means that employees can hold down full time, permanent jobs and still be able to care for their pets at home. Taking your dog for a walk on your lunch hour becomes something that you are easily able to do. Interacting with your cat as it sits on your lap while you work is a joy.

The Jobs Themselves

Of course, choosing a job that means you can be around your own pets more is one thing, but if you truly love animals, you might prefer to find a job that means you can actually work with them every single day. Here are some ideas of the kinds of jobs you could apply for.

1. Veterinarian

It takes eight years of hard work and training to become a veterinarian, but if you love animals and want to take care of them, this is, perhaps, the ultimate way to do that. It is a highly skilled job; animals can’t tell you how sick they feel or what is hurting them, so you need to be able to understand exactly what is happening.

Being a vet is also an emotional job; not all animals will survive their injuries and illnesses. Therefore, you need to be prepared for this from the outset.

2. Veterinary Nurse

Not everyone wants to undertake years and years of study; some people are more practical than academic, and not everyone can afford the cost of this schooling either. If this sounds like you, then a good option might be a veterinary nurse or assistant.

To do this job, you don’t need a degree or any particular qualifications. Most of what you will need to know will be learned on the job as you go along.

3. Dog Sitter

You will have heard of a babysitter, but what about a dog sitter? They are extremely important to a lot of people, who wouldn’t be able to have a pet dog if not for the additional help they can receive.

For many, going out to work is the only option they have, but that will mean their dog is left alone all day. A dog sitter will come in, feed the dog, play with it, take it for a walk, and bring it back home ready for its owner to return.

The job might be a longer one – perhaps even a live in position – if they owner is taking a vacation and doesn’t want to put the dog into kennels.

4. Dog Trainer

Unlike most pets, dogs can (and need to be) trained. Because they can be dangerous at times, and their behavior can be unpredictable, training a dog to be good and obedient is important, and if you know how to do that, you can make good money and gain a huge amount of satisfaction from your job.

You could run training classes in group settings, or you could do one to one work, depending on your own preferences, skills, and the requirements of those hiring you.

5. Dog Groomer

Dog grooming is not as simple as getting some clippers and taking off excess fur; a lot needs to be considered, and many groomers take on apprenticeships in order to
learn as much as possible. You will need to know the ideal cut for each breed, for example, and how to deal with bad behavior in animals. Once you have learned all of this important information and done enough training, you can easily start out on your own.