If you have a luxury brand, or are looking to create one, then what you produce needs to match the price tag. But not only that, all aspects of your business needs to have the luxurious feel to it. You can’t have an expensive and luxury product range but then have quite a half-hearted and cheaply done television advert, for example; your target market are just going to switch off if that is the case. Luxury brands are unlike others, and they need quite a specific approach to how you advertise and market the brand.

So with that in mind, here are some of the best ways to approach marketing and advertising for a luxury brand, to help you to create a truly luxury experience for your customers.

Stealth Marketing

When it comes to marketing something that is luxury, it doesn’t need to be as in-your-face as some advertising is. Though that can be a good thing to do, looking out for some of the best stealth marketing secrets can be a good idea too. This could be from paying to have your products or range to be in a TV show or to have a placement in a movie. It could be working with luxury influencers who can showcase your items in an ‘everyday’ kind of way. When people see the products being used in homes or on shows, then they will get used to seeing it and want to use it too.

More Than a Logo

When you think about brands like Chanel, what do you think of? You may think of the classic double-c logo, but there are other things that are likely to come up in your head. Do you think of pearls, classic black and white, or even Coco herself? This is because the brand has created an image for itself, more than just a logo. So having more than just your logo, you’ll be able to create an image for your brand that people can associate with your products.


When it comes to owning a luxury brand, there needs to be an element of exclusivity about it. A lot of brands often look for their ideal customer and then push their products to them. But when it comes to a luxury brand, it is a good idea to think about how you create your brand and then draw or pull customers to your brand, rather than you push it to them. By doing this you are creating a feeling of exclusivity about your brand. You don’t want to create a brand that is simply about paying what the price is if you can afford it, as things are with most brands. But by creating a longer term and more intimate relationship with your customers, you are likely to get customers that stay loyal for a long time.

Marketing and advertising for a luxury brand is certainly different to any old brand or business. So hopefully, if this is the business that you are in, it will help you to get the customers that your brand needs.