Would you like to do the same amount of work, but make 7x more money? If you said “Yes”, then I know you are a logical, rational thinker 🙂

So, the BIG question is, are you promoting recurring offers? You may not yet realise, but you are leaving a ton of money on the table if you are promoting offers the only pay ONCE.

I just sat down and did a quick calculation of EPC (Earnings Per Click) I get on recurring offers and on one-time offers that I promote and I have realised that I make 7x more per click on recurring offers. Crazy, right?

And if you are a newbie and not promoting anything yet, then it makes total sense to start out the right way and make a switch straight to recurring offers.

Your Action Plan

Here are simple steps you can take to start making awesome residual commissions, even if you are a complete 100% newbie and have never done this before:

1) Find a great recurring offer (read below to find out which one is one of the best in the market). These can be web services, autoresponders, online poker, subscription keyword tools etc.

2) Build a landing page on which you will do a review of that offer, and offer huge bonuses to those who decide to buy the offer through your affiliate link. You can buy a TON of PLR or record your instructions as bonuses.

3) Start driving ultra targeted traffic to it from places like Bing, related blogs (via comments), Facebook groups (via participation and comments) and Forums (this is super cool – read below to find out more).

The whole point of implementing this model is to get very interested traffic to your review page, and then to make sure that you entice them to buy through YOUR link by offering insane bonuses which noone else offers.

How To Get Started

You now have everything you need to get started, you can simply follow the steps above. In fact, this would work extremely well if you have already picked up my previous product “Snap Affiliate Profits“.

However, if you are interested in 100% step-by-step instruction, then a good friend of mine James Canzanella has just released a very detailed guide on how he is making a very nice monthly income selling a recurring autoresponder service Aweber:

Click Here Get James’s Recurring Income System + My Bonuses Below

James will only have his system for sale for another 4 days, and it’s going to be taken down after that.

Inside he covers:

  • What he does to make $8.16 for every click he sends to this offer (insane EPC!)
  • Why his income KEEPS GROWING every single month, without fail
  • Why Aweber is such an overlooked product, and why it’s a hidden goldmine
  • He reveals exactly how much he makes per month promoting Aweber
  • He shows the exact traffic source that he uses to drive insanely targeted clicks to Aweber (traffic does not get better than this)
  • James will show the exact formula for the landing page that’s absolutely killing it for him, and gives him crazy conversions
  • How he sets up bonuses in such a way that people feel obligated to buy through his link
  • Why there are so many desperate buyers in the traffic source that James uses
  • How even a complete newbie can set this whole system up quickly
  • How to get started without paying anything for traffic
  • And much more….

Click Here Get James’s Recurring Income System + My Bonuses Below

My Bonuses

I love to give bonuses to those who decide to grab a new product or course…

So here are a few bonuses that you will get if you decide to grab this system:

Bonus 1: Free Traffic Cash Surge

My own high quality product released a couple of months ago. Inside we will show you how to get free targeted traffic in any niche. This stuff really works!

Bonus 2: Atomic CPA Marketing

Everything you need to know about CPA Marketing. Learn how to start from absolute scratch.

Bonus 3: CPA Empires

More CPA goodness, with a plan on how to scale up the CPA business.


Bonus 4: CPA Profit Storm

Even more CPA techniques covered inside, including CPA offers which are different to the first 2 guides.


Bonus 5: Essential Guide to Free Traffic

If you are not yet sure how to generate free traffic, this is for you.


Bonus 6: Traffic Explosion Secrets

Some more advanced traffic methods, including Paid Ads.


How to Get the Bonuses: after you purchase, watch out for the email from “WarriorPlus”. Inside, you will find the product access link. When you click that, you’ll be taken to the download area, and my bonuses will be under “Affiliate Bonus”. Alternatively, simply reply to the email you get from me. Or just leave a comment here.

Questions or Comments?

I love hearing from you guys, so please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

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    • Greg Kononenko

      Hey guys, if you have any questions at all – I’m here to help!

      • Leo Titus

        Dear Greg,hi there.I am writing to seek help from you because I am a complete newbie to this affiliate marketing program. Furthermore I don’t regret buying your product however for this thing to work out for me, then I guess I will need to call on you for assistance from time to time. I also do not have any products to sell so please help me get this thing up and going as I admire and envy your success. Thank you so much for your time and hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Leo PG.

    • Ted

      Hey Greg… FYI, only 2 of your Bonuses have working links.

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Ted, sorry about that! I have just fixed the Google Docs link, and you will be able to grab all of them.

        Many thanks for letting me know!


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