If you’re looking for ways to make more money from your blog, or perhaps just start to make money from your blog then it’s an exciting time as it suggests your blog is valuable enough to have reached the phase of having a regular audience with a growing domain authority.

That said, when it comes to monetising your blog it’s important to remember the main source of income you are going to receive is as a result of the value you create for visitors – meaning it’s imperative you don’t compromise on the quality of your content, or user experience, just to make a quick buck.

Indeed, making money from a blog is a long-term process that takes some time to develop and at the very core of all good monetisation strategies is that of providing value and ensuring relevance.

These two aspects are like the two legs that keep your blog standing; without relevance to a specific target audience you become so generic that you’re almost obsolete and without providing value on a regular and consistent basis (which is linked in with relevancy) you will lose visitors.

The visitors to your site are the lifeblood of any monetisation strategy, as without them, you won’t get advertisers and affiliate marketing will now pay the big bucks you hope because you simply won’t have the volume of visitors to ensure such growth.

See, you can have the most impressive and high converting clickfunnels templates, yet without having a high number of visitors to put through the funnel the output is never going to be enough to sustain your business. Therefore, the core strategy you need to consider when it comes to making more money from your blog is that of creating more value and attracting more customers to your site.

There are many ways to monetise a blog, the most popular being affiliate marketing and the more traditional pay-per-click advertising such as that offered by Google Ads. The challenge with both, is that they require traffic to work, and therefore it’s important to focus less on monetisation strategies in terms of affiliate marketing and PPC advertising – and much more on creating relevant, valuable content, to your niche audience.

There are platforms such as Shopify that allow you to easily set up a web based store where you can sell a plethora of items, either those that you have made yourself, or from other people that you simply buy-in. The great thing about such a process is that if you are ordering from someone else, you can simply order when you receive an order, rather than stockpiling items in your house.

In addition, you could create an online course and use your knowledge and know-how to create a value-added course that your audience will buy, on the basis they trust and respect your authority within the area you write. The great thing about this, is that it costs very little to make and can be done in just a weekend – but once built, it is an asset that can be leveraged time and time again to provide a stable source of passive income.

In summary, if you’re wanting to make more money from your blog then focus on creating more value and therefore attracting more visitors.