When it comes to digital marketing trends, it’s always easy to get excited about the things that are coming up. When there’s new technologies to play around with, or exciting platforms to explore, you definitely want to get involved with them. But you can only ever really do that if you’re mastering the key pillars that are out there already. One of the most impressive forms of marketing of our time is video. Video is so interactive and so engaging, that if you’re not making video as part of your core marketing strategy, then you’re letting your business down. So, if you want to make sure that you’re really exhausting your options when it comes to video, then here’s are five key considerations to have.


So first of all, we have YouTube. When it comes to marketing, this can be the one platforms that companies or individuals are afraid of getting started on the most. They’ll master Facebook, they’ll nail Instagram, and they’ll be blogging their hearts out, but YouTube? They hold back! And it’s all down to the idea of producing video content. So your first step is going to be to just get something out there. Think about filming something on your smartphone or hiring a videographer to help you to just get something going.


Next, we have something new and exciting that you might want to get involved with. And if you have been afraid of YouTube, then maybe you can ease your way into the world of video with IGTV. This latest release from Instagram is so promising, and could change the way that we interact with videos. Think of it as Instagram stories, just a little longer – so YouTube style. This could even be where you start when it comes to working with video.

Live Videos

Next, there’s the idea of live videos. And this can be a way to show off a different side of the business when it comes to video. Maybe you want to do a Q&A, a tour of the office, or show off something that you’re working on? Then go live. This is a great way to get some more depth with your video content, and it can be easier to just get on with too.

Better Content

However, if you are already working with video, and you’re on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube doing your thing, but you’re not really getting the results, you just need to better. Think about creating a strong strategy, trying out rap beats and different music, or a different style of editing. Then you can see what kind of reaction you get and refine going further.


And finally, for an even greater dimension, you should definitely be vlogging. Do you want to show the behind the scenes stuff? Do you want to show what goes on in meetings or at events? Do you just want to get a little bit more informal with your audience? If you do, then it’s vlogging that you need to add into the mix.