The world we live in is incredibly fast paced, and as a business owner it’s up to you to keep up or be left in the dark. Not only do you need to ensure that your business meets current demands (you only need to look at the fall of Blockbuster, a five billion dollar empire to see what happens when you don’t keep up to date) but you also need to ensure you’re promoting in the right way too. Marketing and promotion are absolutely vital if you want a successful business, when competition is so fierce it’s not just a case of launching and waiting for the customers to come flooding in. Here are three, up to date marketing methods you can utilise to help business boom.

marketing methods

Video Marketing

As humans we are visual creatures, you only need to look at the success of image and video based sites like Youtube and Instagram to see that. Most of us also want convenience, while there’s a time and a place for reading articles, watching a video requires far less effort and is something that’s easier and often more convenient to do. Video content is also very share- friendly, meaning if you can create something awesome from the outset, people sharing will allow it to snowball. Research has shown that including video on a landing page of your website can increase conversions by 80%, and can influence buying behaviour. In turn, this can persuade a visitor to convert into a lead, or a lead into a customer. Video builds trust and credibility, and it’s also something that search engines love so can help to boost your page rank. All in all, it’s a fantastic way to promote your company- just do your research to go about things in the right way. Use a professional company to produce the content for you, you need an engaging presenter or something funny and share worthy. If you’re demonstrating a product or service then this needs to be explained clearly.

Blogger Outreach

Blogs have really taken off in the last few years. Once, they were just a place for people to write about the things they loved for fun, but these days they can be beautifully done, professional and act like online magazines choc full of interesting and helpful content. As business owners, we should be aware of how influential bloggers can be and utilise them as part of our marketing strategy. It can be tricky to build up a good network of reliable bloggers, your best bet would be to leave it to a company like Evergreen Outreach. They know how to approach influencers, how much they should be paid and what how to go about having links and adverts published onto their blogs.

Social Media Marketing

One of the biggest things to come from the internet in the past decade or so is social media. Not only is this a great way to stay in touch with loved ones and meet new people from a personal point of view, but it’s excellent for businesses. You get to speak to customers on a more personal level, easily answer questions and queries and accumulate reviews. When others can see good reviews written by real people, it gives them confidence to use your business themselves.