Managing vacation rentals can be quite tricky, as you always have to adapt to changing market conditions. There are times when short-term renters come flowing in while there are seasons when lodgers are rather sparse in numbers.

But with an effective online marketing plan, you can make your rental revenues more consistent and keep your business in a good position even during the lean season. Here are some ways to boost your marketing campaign and drive more business to your vacation home rental:

Get listed on relevant sites

The first thing you need to ensure is to grow your online visibility. While you’ll certainly reach a wide base of potential guests when you list on major property booking platforms like Airbnb or Booking, don’t overlook other listing sites too. Some websites cater to specific customers or regions, which can help expand your reach and attract interest from particular types of renters.

For example, particular listing sites feature vacation home rentals that are more family-friendly. If you want to market your vacation rental as perfect for family renters or group travelers, these platforms are a good way to start.

Create a dedicated website

Apart from listings, it’s also best to have a dedicated website so your short-term property rental stands out among other properties in your area. It doesn’t have to be overly fancy or sophisticated—although that wouldn’t hurt either. But it needs to all have the information guests need to finally get them into booking a night or two, like available beds or rental price per night. It’s also best to provide a booking capability so guests can make direct bookings easily.

After that, when you finally have a website, any reputable SEO company company would suggest to optimize it for search engines to improve its online visibility. Adding regular blogs and posting pictures would also add value to your website and more people would likely want to learn more about your property.

Leverage social media

Almost everybody is on social media now, and it would be a huge miss if you don’t grow your presence there as well. Facebook pages or an Instagram account can help build up your property’s appeal. For example, you can curate videos or post Instagram stories to show off your property and give potential guests a first look into your vacation home.

You can also better engage with people through social media and address any other additional queries they might have. It’s also a great way to connect with previous guests and sustain the relationship that you have built with them.

Then if you have enough left from your marketing budget, it is also good to run ads on social networking sites to maximize your reach to a wide variety of people.

Running a vacation property rental sure does have challenges, but it’ll be easier if you have a solid online marketing strategy to boost your business. As people resort to the Internet to plan their vacations, including booking a place to stay, having a strong, likable online presence will help your vacation property business go further.