Of all the hurdles that businesses have to overcome, none are quite as difficult as ensuring that their marketing strategy is on point. Companies spend a lot of money each year on marketing but, unfortunately for them, many of those dollars end up wasted: the marketing techniques they spend the money on are ineffective. While that’s bad news, there is good news: many companies end up making one – or more – of the recurring, common mistakes. Eradicate those listed below from your strategy, and you might find that you’re more successful in the future.

You Don’t Know Who You’re Targeting

It would be terrific if everyone would be interested in your business, if only they knew about it. But this is wishful thinking. In reality, only small pockets of the population are going to have any interest in buying what you’re selling. As such, it’s imperative that you’re marketing your services to those people, and not the people who don’t – and will never have – any interest. It’s all about understanding your target demographic, and then angling your marketing materials to them. Your money will be much better spent this way!

Obsolete Methods

Marketing is much more sophisticated than some companies give credit for. And not all methods are created equal. Banner advertising on websites, for example, is largely ineffective – people gloss right over them, in most cases. Others, such as inbound marketing, are effective. Video marketing is in, too. So when it comes to developing your marketing strategy, you need to think about how you’re communicating your message just as much as what that message is. Spend your money putting together a campaign that involves techniques that will bring a return on your investment; anything else should be thrown away.

You’re Not Working With the Right People

You’re not going to have all the answers to get great marketing results. Unless you’re an expert in the field, there’ll be massive gaps in your knowledge! But it’s not just a case of hiring someone who claims to be an expert, either. You need to work with someone who knows how to market your specific product or service, not someone who claims to get great results for everyone. There are companies who can get deliver fantastic SEO cannabis and other niche industry results, so you don’t have to settle for less. Bring them on board!

It’s Too Extreme

You’re determined for your marketing to be a success. But like in other areas of your life, if you try too hard, then it usually just ends up falling flat. Don’t be overly aggressive in your marketing. By that, we mean you shouldn’t have too many adverts, or use manipulative techniques. Customers see right through them!

Using Fake Voices

Finally, are you being true to yourself? In a quest to reach a new demographic, some companies abandon their “voice” and try to speak a language that isn’t true to them. This is especially true of companies who use youthful jargon in a quest to be “down with the kids.” Don’t do it unless it comes naturally to you!