It is safe to assume that every business owner’s ultimate goal is to make profits while avoiding financial pits. However, the stats always tell a different story, considering that about 82% of small businesses fail because of cash flow problems. Marketing is an essential requirement to ensure a steady financial state for your business. It is the backbone of companies, with new trends emerging every now and then. And although not every marketing trend may be necessary for your business, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with the essential ones to help your business create a steady cash flow. How can you build a solid financial base for your business? Consider the following marketing trends.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing appears to be the present and future of business marketing. Plus, experts have identified a strong correlation between digital marketing and a steady cash flow. Today the digital world is home to billions of active users your business can reach out to. From using the various social media platforms to creating the perfect website, you can boost your business’s online visibility by adopting effective digital marketing strategies.

Because the digital space involves so much, it can be a bit overwhelming for the first time, especially if you’re trying to be everywhere at once (which may be a bad idea). For example, creating accounts on social media platforms may be simple. But constantly updating each account with relevant info can be very time-consuming.
Furthermore, not every digital platform may be beneficial for your business. That means it is vital to select the proper channels that will help you promote your business and drive sales. Because digital marketing is growing by the day, with new techniques springing up often, you can seek the services of expert digital marketing gurus like The Digital Lion to help your business drive meaningful business outcomes.

Create shoppable posts

As effective as your website and social media pages are, you should not use them for content marketing and brand visibility purposes only. You can do much more with them, especially when it comes to driving sales. Consumers are becoming more and more ‘lazy’ when it comes to the steps they need to take to make their purchases. That means if they need to go through too many ‘clicks’ to make a single purchase, the chances of them returning are pretty low. Use shoppable posts to shorten the transaction process and drive sales. The sales funnel does not need to be as long as it used to be anymore. Nowadays, you can even use social media pages to generate sales by creating posts that allow your audience to shop directly – and not just content marketing.

Video marketing

Video marketing is rapidly taking over the marketing field. And if you haven’t implemented this marketing strategy for your business, you need to jump on it immediately. When it comes to online marketing and sales, you can hardly compare text content with video content. Video marketing was less effective in the past, mostly because it used to cost more for people to watch videos online. But with internet data charges dropping significantly, internet users can now afford to watch more online videos. Plus, the proliferation of smartphones and mobile internet services means that people can watch videos while on the go.

All these have helped make video marketing a very engaging activity, which most marketers believe brings better conversation rates in terms of sales.
Also, more people prefer to watch videos about products to help guide their purchasing decisions. Many people, for example, resort to YouTube to watch review videos, unboxing videos, product comparison videos, how-to videos, etc. Before making their purchase. Thankfully, making good video marketing content is no longer as difficult or expensive as it used to be. With a good smartphone and incredible editing skills, you should manage to create high-quality video marketing content.

Personalized email marketing

Good-old email marketing remains relevant in this ‘modern’ world of business marketing. However, generic emails are beginning to lose their impact, as they lack a personal touch, which makes them look too computerized. The modern consumer tends to react more to personalized email marketing, as it makes them feel like they are being treated as individual human beings. That means you need to tweak your email marketing strategy to give it a more personalized touch. That in no way means that you need to know every single person on your email list. Thankfully, with the help of artificial intelligence, you can personalize all your newsletters to individual recipients. Beyond that, you can also take advantage of email segmentation, which allows you to separate your leads into different customer categories based on their distinctive behaviors.