One of the major keys to building a loyal customer base is your business being memorable. Your customers should be able to remember where to find your business, your business content, and your business logo for all the right reasons. When your brand is memorable, it strengthens your position in the industry.

When your customer has a need that your business can fulfill, your brand should be the first thing that comes to mind. If you want to start creating a brand that everyone remembers, here’s how to do it.

Use Social Media

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know how valuable social media is to business. That being said, not all businesses are making the most of everything social media has to offer. With a multitude of social media platforms that have millions of users across the globe, you have a major opportunity.

You should be putting out new content constantly and engaging your followers by using different types of content. Right now, video content is on the rise so it’s vital to make use of reels and TikTok to get your message across.

Promotional Gifts

Everyone loves a free gift. Giving away promotional gifts is a great way to stay fresh in someone’s memory. For instance, if you give away branded pens, each time someone uses that pen they will be reminded of your business. Use promotional gifts that help you stand out from the crowd and say something about your brand.

As an example, businesses that use foil business cards are telling their customers that what they offer is luxurious, classy, and high quality. Think about how promotional gifts tie into what your business stands for.

Connect With Your Audience

Many business owners think that simply knowing who their target audience is, is enough. However, it takes more than that to stand out from the crowd. You have to connect with your audience so they stand up and take notice.

For instance, if you’re targeting a younger audience, like Gen Z, you need to seriously consider your business’ impact on the environment. Younger generations are less likely to buy from a business if the business doesn’t have eco-friendly practices. Make an effort to find out what matters to your audience and show it matters to you too.

Solve Problems

People use businesses to solve problems. If someone has a pest at home, they look for pest control. If someone has back pain, they look for a chiropractor. Your customers come to you because you provide something that they want or need.

To expand your business and build a sustainable brand, you need to be constantly thinking about your audience’s problems. What can your business solve for your audience? The more problems you solve, the more memorable your brand will become.

Uniformed Branding

The worst mistake any business can make when it comes to branding is using different designs in different areas of business. For instance, if the design on your packaging looks different to the design on your website, your customers will never put the two together. Your brand design should be uniform throughout.

It’s inevitable that you’ll need to make tweaks here and there to accommodate different platforms but the overall design should be the same. Use the same colors, the same font, the same business motto. This will ensure your brand remains recognisable everywhere.

Stay Seen

Your customers can’t fall in love with your brand and remember it if they don’t see it. For people to retain information, it often has to be seen or heard several times. If you want your brand to stay at the forefront of your customer’s memories, you need to always be visible.

Keep content fresh and always be on the lookout for new ways to reach your audience. Don’t disregard traditional methods of marketing if you think it will work for your target audience. Do what you can to build on your email marketing campaigns for those who may not use social media.

Test Your Content

Most business owners have a content team or use a digital marketing agency to create their content. However, it’s vital that you continue to sample the content before it goes live to ensure it will reach your audience. Does it keep you engaged? If not, it’s not going to keep your audience engaged either.

Building a memorable brand takes time and patience so don’t expect it to happen overnight. If you’ve found this article helpful, take a look at the rest.