more money

Do I want more money? Of course I do! Who doesn’t?

Don’t worry because this isn’t a not-so-subtle attempt to sell you a poor idea. Please be assured that any thoughts and opinions shared on this blog are nothing but the best! The only reason it’s worth mentioning is that employees leave money on the table. Yes, you didn’t even realize it was the case until now. Think of the raises you never got, though the company’s profits increased every year. You helped so deserve a piece of the pie.

Thankfully, there are a couple of fundamental ways to make as much as possible from your current role.

Just Ask

Whatever it is you want – raise, promotion, etc. – all you have to do is ask. Well, there is a little more to it than that, but you get the gist. Businesses are money-making machines and they do it by cutting costs. So, the boss isn’t going to approach you and say “you know what? I think we’ve been underpaying you.” Instead, they will bide their time until you step forward and broach the topic. When asking, do be sure to sound and appear confident as if you believe you deserve the pay rise. Also, think of answers to questions they may ask, such as “why?” or “what makes you different?”

Be A Leader

This doesn’t mean you have to corral the troops and lead them into battle. Some people are charming and infectious, whereas others are example-setters. You can be the latter and still have your cake and eat it too. Why? It’s because being a leader means you are indispensable to the company. They need your expertise and experience to maintain a high standard, and they will pay more to ensure you stay. With that in mind, expand your talents by enrolling in courses and heading projects.

Make A Claim    

Please note that it is wrong to try and manipulate the system. In short, don’t pretend to be injured or put yourself in a vulnerable position with the idea of suing. It’s morally and legally wide of the mark. The key is to note when you have been a victim and therefore deserve compensation. If you have been subject to trip and fall injuries recently or in the past, you might be able to file suit. It’s not nice to sue an employer, but their actions towards you have been negligent and you should consider that.


Never let the employer fool you into thinking your position is the end of the line. If this were the case, your career would be over rather quickly. Workers get stuck in a rut because it’s comfortable and predictable. And, we are all scared of the unknown. Still, the grass may be greener on the other side. For instance, the average wage could be higher and there may be better perks on offer. The only way to find out is to switch sides and take the plunge.

The question is, are you underpaid, and can you rectify the situation?