For some motorbike riders, buying their bike was an easy choice when they were considering what kind of vehicle to get. After all, motorbikes are often a lot cheaper to buy compared to a car. However, that doesn’t always make them cheaper than driving a car, as there are other ways they are more expensive. Sure, buying the bike in the first place is cheap, but then insuring it isn’t always. In fact, motorbike insurance has a reputation for being on the pricey side. Thankfully, though, there are a few ways that you can bring down the cost of your insurance premiums for your bike. Here are a few useful suggestions.

Keep Your Motorbike Somewhere Safe

When you are filling out the details of your bike to send to the insurance company, they will ask you about the parking situation at home. Ideally, it’s best to find a safe and secure spot for your bike, such as a driveway on your property or a garage. This will reduce the risk of the bike being damaged or stolen by a substantial amount and, as a result, it will help to bring down your insurance premiums.

Go For An Older Bike

It will also work out cheaper if you buy an old bike. Not only are second-hand bikes cheaper to buy, but they will also be cheaper to insure. After all, not many people will want to steal an old bike! So, if you are currently in the market for a new bike, you might want to find out more from about any used motorbikes in your area. You’ll be able to find a great deal on a vehicle that won’t be too expensive to insure!

Don’t Modify Your Motorbike

When you do own a motorbike, it can be very tempting to modify it and add a few extra features to this. However, this is a very bad idea if you are hoping to keep the cost of your insurance premiums down to a minimum. Modifications often hike up the cost of insurance in almost every scenario, so it’s always best to stay away from them if you are on a very limited budget.

Opt To Pay The Insurance Annually

When you take out a new insurance policy, you will be given the option to pay it all in one go at the start of the year or to pay it each month in smaller installments. It’s always best to go with the former option as most insurance companies will offer you a little discount if you do pay the yearly cover all in one go. You can find out more about this at

Think About Changing The Insurance Cover

It’s also possible to reduce the amount of cover that you take out. For instance, rather than going for full insurance, you might just want to cover for third-party and fire damage and theft. This will lead to cheaper premiums but will leave some aspects of maintenance and damage not covered by the policy.

Enjoy your cheaper insurance policy!