Are you looking for a super-cool tool that will let you make stunning pages with a few minutes’ effort?

I build awesome squeeze pages, sales pages, download pages and more using my new favourite plugin called “Profit Builder”.

Please watch my review:

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Can’t watch video right now?

No problem – I have summarized my review for you here.

I have fallen in love with this new plugin called Profit Builder.

I have been using it most recently to create my squeeze pages, sales pages and landing pages.

Here is an example of what it’s capable of producing:

pb1 pb2

In fact, for all of my recent WSO’s, I have been using Profit Builder.

Summary of features, pros and cons:

Here is what I love about Profit Builder

  • SOOOOOO much fast than Optimize Press
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Click, type, edit “live” on the fly
  • 2015, fresh designs
  • One time payment
  • Built in STUNNING templates which are easy to edit
  • Can make great squeeze pages
  • Stunning sales pages and download pages

In fact, a recent WSO I launched, I used a built in OTO sales template called “Million Dollar Sales Page”.

Guess what the conversion rate of it was? 68%!!!

Here is the summary of the cons:

  • May take 30-60 minutes to get used to the interface (all you really need to do is spend 30 minutes watching the tutorial)
  • Can’t do offline editing, need to be connected to the interface

Value For Money / Verdict

Well… I’m a bit biased because this is my favourite tool.

To me – this one is a no brainer. It is a one-off payment and can replace Leadpages, Optimize Press and probably a few other tools in one.

Once you have Profit Builder, you will understand why I’ve been raving about it like a lunatic recently.

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    3 replies to "My Favourite Squeeze, Sales and Landing Page Tool"

    • Stefan Ciancio

      Hey Greg- thanks for showing us how powerful Profit Builder can be! This really helps me see that I absolutely NEED profit builder in my business. Talk to you soon!

    • Brian Gray

      Hey Greg, I noticed on the WF that there were some people complaining that PB was buggy when it came to mobile responsiveness. Have you had any issues with that or did they get all those bugs fixed?
      Been looking for a cheaper alternative to Optimize Press but have found that most OP alternatives are buggy when it comes to being responsive.

    • Benjamin Andrew

      I have the plug in and LOVE IT!!

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