The thought of having to fork out for a new car just after Christmas can send you into a mild panic. However, just because you might need a new car doesn’t mean you need to head to the swankiest showroom or even need to purchase a new one. Sometimes, a series of maintenance checks, a service and some repairs can suffice and be less costly. If you are spending money on a big ticket item, you want to make sure that you aren’t doing so unnecessarily. Take a look at these ways you know that you definitely need a new set of wheels.

The Car Is Costing More To Maintain

If the heady days of cheap servicing are long gone, and your motor is costing more and more to keep on the road each year, it might be more financially astute to buy a new car. While the initial outlay may be costly, the running costs will dramatically decrease. Alongside a motor costing more to run, tanks of gas can last for a shorter time. This happens because engines and cars become less efficient as they age. This is when it might be time to think about getting a new car. If you are worried about running costs in general, consider a hybrid vehicle. More environmentally friendly, these cars cost little to run as you don’t need to fill up with gas and they rarely need to be taxed.

The Rattle

As cars age, they tend to get more niggles. Consider the sounds and smells that emanate from your car. If you can continually hear a rattle or you can hear a grind that wasn’t there before, this needs checking out to make sure it isn’t anything sinister. Take a look at the outside of your vehicle and look at the bull bar, the chassis and the wheels. Do they all look normal? Sometimes, burning aromas and gasoline can be smelled if there is a leak of fluid somewhere. These seemingly tiny faults can build up into something more serious, making long journeys less safe, less enjoyable and more hazardous.

Driving Isn’t Fun Anymore

If you don’t enjoy driving your set of wheels anymore, it’s time to check out a new motor. While a necessity to commute to work or to take the kids to school, driving should also be an enjoyable pastime. For many people driving is a hobby and having to get behind the wheel of a sluggish and boring car can be depressing. Instead, consider venturing to a used car showroom and taking a test drive to reinvigorate your love of driving. Perhaps a sporty little number will help you fall back in love with your hobby, or maybe you want to go for a different vehicle altogether and a camper van or motorbike is what you’re after. Experiment and explore all of the options open to you. With any luck, you will find the motor that will be peppy, be comfortable and have you enjoying driving once more.

Forget about keeping your current motor running, and bite the bullet. Think about purchasing a new car and trade your current one in part exchange or for scrap. You can make the finances work for you and be better off in the long run.