There are many reasons to consider moving to a new country. Most people spend their entire lives within one small area, and only rarely venture outside their comfort zone. By taking the leap to move overseas you are opening yourself up to a world of new experiences and opportunities. You have decided that you want more from life, and as a result, you will enjoy a more fulfilling existence and strengthen your character. Whether you are moving for work, education, or just a new start, you will never look back.

But despite all the benefits, moving to a different country brings with it a host of challenges. You will need to find a new job, learn the language and customs, and resolve any professional and personal matters before leaving home. But the biggest challenge is finding a place to live once you arrive.

House hunting overseas is very different from finding a place to live in your own country. For a start, you can’t fly halfway around the world every weekend to look at vacant properties, nor can you wait until you land in your destination to start searching. You’ll need to find a home remotely, which is rarely easy. It’s hard to make a decision without seeing the property in the flesh, and any language and legal barriers just create even more hoops to jump through. The process can be so complicated that it might seem as if it’s not worth the effort.

But many people do find new homes overseas, and as long as you are committed to your goal and adopt the right strategies, you can too. To get you started, here are three tips for finding a house in a new country.

Research the local property market

The intricacies and behaviors of property markets vary from country to country, so it would be a good idea to do some research. Familiarise yourself with housing prices, trends, and cycles in your destination location, and you will be much better equipped to find a suitable place to live. Make sure you check legal restrictions on homeownership by foreigners, as well as currency exchange rates and market stability.

Find professional assistance

Simply browsing property listing sites won’t give you the information you need to find a home remotely. Your best bet is to seek professional assistance from a local real estate company or buyers agent to find your dream home. They will ensure you are properly informed about the details of the purchase, and prevent you from falling into some of the common pitfalls that trap foreign buyers.

Use a translation service

Buying a home involves a great deal of paperwork, and it’s essential that you are fully able to understand the terms and conditions. If the native language of your destination country is not English, you risk important details being lost in translation and you might end up with a bad deal. Consider enlisting the help of a professional translation service so you know exactly what you are reading.