Owning your own business can be a tricky task, and many people are willing to take advantage of your good nature, you must learn to say no from the beginning since it can be A drain on your resources. A real threat to your own business, there are plenty of ways though in which you can protect your boundaries, and have a thriving business. Collaboration and helping other people is admirable, and when done correctly, you will reap the rewards. But how do we make sure that we don’t overload ourselves? And how do we say no to the work that doesn’t serve us?

People Pleasing

Many of us are people pleasers, and there’s nothing wrong with that, kindness goes a long way in the world, and should be celebrated. However, if you are already fully booked, fully subscribed, or just overworked, then it is, of course, okay to say no if someone asks you to do something else for them. Some people love to hear the word “no“ But if you don’t take care of your time, you may find your own business suffering before long. So just forget people pleasing and be who you are.

Polite But Firm

No is a complete sentence, it’s just not something we are usually comfortable with. We never want to let people down, but if you are polite, explain your reasons, and stay firm, then you find people will be much easier to deal with. When you are talking to colleagues, family members, and clients, always be clear about your boundaries. Tell them exactly the amount of work you do for your business. And don’t be afraid to firmly state that you just cannot giveaway time so freely. People will be understanding if you explain the situation clearly. If you wear yourself out, you’re much more likely to end up in time, or causing yourself an injury. Although you can search for “slip and fall lawyers near me“ if needs be, nobody wants you to be injured before you learn to say no.

Put Your Business First

It’s time to become a little bit selfish. You’ve worked hard to get to this point, and taking on everyone else’s work responsibilities can be a drain on your time. This will negatively impact your business, so don’t be afraid to put your own business first. And not worry about what other people think of this. You’re the one that needs to pay your bills at the end of the day if your business does not succeed because you are wasting time elsewhere, then you may have some regrets further down the line.

If you’re already comfortable with the word now, then you should be fine, but there are plenty of resources on how to form the sentence and feel confident doing so when you need to. There is a big difference between taking care of yourself and your own business first and being plain rude. If you get it right, you will have no trouble at all.