We might be living and working in a high stress environment, but we don’t have to. There are plenty of articles and tutorials on how you can make your home a more peaceful place, but what about the office? Life is busy and difficult enough as it is for some people, and the last thing you need is a workplace that makes you feel uncomfortable or overworked.

We all tell the lie that we thrive in a high-pressure environment when we have a job interview. We say we cope well under pressure, that we are able to think on our feet. The problem is while those things may be true, it can lead to burn out rather than productivity. You need to be able to find some peace somewhere, and often, a peaceful office can do the job. Whether you click here to get the right plans for soundproofing your office, or you decide to add plants to the space, you need a little peace sometimes.

Changing your job for a new one might not be an option, so what you need to do is make sure that the place you’re working is as peaceful and relaxed as you can get it, so that you feel more motivated to work hard. You don’t need to be placed under a lot of pressure or stress to be able to work – that’s just a myth from hustle culture. We are not about that hustle culture anymore – we are about making sure we can get through it. There is nothing wrong with slowing down and still working to your best. Let’s have a look at how you can make your office more peaceful, so you can actually enjoy your time at work.

  • Get rid of the clutter. It sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But when you have a messy desk, it can be much harder for you to think and keep organising your thoughts. When you get rid of the clutter, you organise yourself better, which could make sure you’re feeling much more peaceful and productive in your day.
  • Equip yourself. Your office has to be comfortable for you to sit, not just exist. Economic furniture that is correct for your height and your body is important, which is why you need a comfortable chair. How can you feel at peace when you feel tense all day long?
  • Give yourself a peaceful meeting space. We talked about making sure that you have the right documents for soundproofing your office, but this is important because a peaceful and soundproofed office isn’t just for your privacy but everybody else’s. You’ll be able to ensure that meetings take place with a little peace around them so that people feel free to talk.
  • Adjust your lighting. More light in your work area can be accomplished with desk lamps and making sure that your desk is near the window. You should also make sure that you’re using actual light bulbs and not LED strip lights as these can make you feel washed out and strain your eyes. Remember you need light to work comfortably.
  • Silence isn’t always golden. A big part of feeling at peace is about what’s comfortable for you. While you may need some soundproofing for meetings, you might enjoy background music during your day. Too much silence can feel very pressured in your ears, and it can make you feel suffocated. A little noise can bring that peace you need!
  • Make your workspace personal. Looking at your work area, would people look at it and know it was yours if they saw it? You need to make your workspace feel a little bit like home, especially if you’re not working at home anymore. You can make sure you add personal touches like pictures to your space and you’ll find it makes you feel more relaxed at work.
  • Articulate your needs. Your management team should want to work with you to make sure that you feel more at peace and relaxed while you’re working. If being peaceful is going to make you work harder, they will be up for it. Whatever it is that will give you that peaceful feeling that allows you to feel driven and allow those ideas to flow, it’s important you communicate it.
  • When you talk to people about what you need the most to make your office peaceful, they are far more likely to accommodate you.

Now you know how to make your office peaceful, where will you start?