At the top of the list of keeping your business running smoothly, having a well supplied office is the number one priority. After all, if you don’t have a rotating pool of equipment and supplies on hand, disaster can quickly occur for a small company like yours! And so many business owners discount the importance of this habit, which is why we’ve collected the points below to make sure you don’t make the same mistake. Keep them in mind the next time you run out of post-it notes or whiteboard pens!

Printer Ink and Paper

The printer is going to be low on ink and paper at all times if you’re not being careful. To prevent an empty tray from slowing down your work day, make sure you’ve always got a pack of each spare in the closet. And even if you’re on a subscription model that means you get ink sent to you when you need it, it’s still best to have a spare pack in a pinch. The printing you need to do now won’t wait for a delivery tomorrow afternoon!

Shipping Labels

You never know when you’ll need to ship something off that afternoon! So make sure you’ve always got some spare labels hanging around. Go and check the store cupboard now – can’t find any? Start with a click here to see if there are some suitable labels for your postage needs, and then make sure there’s always one or two available. If you need to send something out within the afternoon, this will make sure your business deal goes off without a hitch.

Various Stationary

Even though you’ve gone mostly digital at this point, you never know when you’re going to need a pen or pencil to note something down! Make sure you’ve got a holder of spares to just grab and go with in your closet, as well as other stationary tools you don’t usually think twice about. Items such as a hole punch, or a pair of scissors – these two bits of kit become very useful when you’ve got a presentation to put together for a meeting in an hour!

USBs or External Hard Drives

As a small business working out of a sole office, it’s always a good idea to have some spare digital storage available to you. A USB or two in the cupboard, or an external hard drive everyone can load their excess files onto, will mean you’ll never run out of room on your server. Even if you’ve got a cloud server to benefit from, having these physical storage devices around can help you to make data more secure, and accessible whenever you need it. Give yourself a choice!

If you’ve got an office supply closet and it’s looking a little bare right now, make sure you stock up on the items above at the least. You never know when you’ll be needing a pen or a USB or a label to slap onto a parcel!