In the world of modern business, there has been a huge emphasis put o the importance of digital media marketing techniques like blogging and social media influencers.

There is no denying that if you want to get ahead in business right now, you need to be very visible online, but online marketing is not all that matters.

If you want to reach as many people as possible, then there are some old-school marketing techniques that are still worth your time, including the following:

Product placements

Product placements might be a bit old-school in some senses, but they are still being used every day in things like influencer vlogs where products are given prominent positions. Paying for product placements not only online, but also in magazines and on Tv, can have a dramatic impact on your sales because people love to buy the things they see used in the media.

Business cards

Business card printing is one of the most affordable forms of marketing there is, and it is actually still pretty effective. If you give your business card to anyone you meet at conferences or industry events or even in restaurants, then they are more likely to contact you when they need your services because there have formed a personal connection with you, and your business card gives them all the info they need to move forward with a business relationship.

Posters and billboards

Posters and billboards are still very much a strong marketing technique because they enable you to quickly capture the attention of people passing by, and they are one of the best tools for getting the attention of people who might not spend much time online, so who would otherwise not see your advertising, too.

Radio ads

You might think that radio advertising is well and truly dead and that podcasts are the modern way to advertise in audio form, but actually, a whole lot of people still listen to the radio, particularly in the workplace or when driving around, so you can still capture a lot of people’s attention by creating a fancy jingle and some decent sales copy for the radio.

Direct mail

Sending out letters to your target audience with an offer they can’t refuse used to be an excellent way to get more customers, but that’s not the case anymore right, wrong! Direct mailing definitely still has its place in modern marketing The key is to really do your research to find the addresses of customers who fall into your target audience and to spend the money on a great copywriter who can persuade the of the benefit of buying.


Catalogs have, by and large , been replaced by websites where the customers can browse at their leisure, but there is something about having a physical, tactile, catalog that can really encourage sales, especially around special events like Christmas and Easter so do consider them in future marketing campaigns.

As you can see, old school marketing techniques still have their place in the modern world of business, so be sure to include them in your PR plans.