Hey guys, today I am reviewing a new product called Outsourcers Bible.

If you been trying to make money online for any length of time, chances are you’ve outsourced something, whether it’s an ebook or a banner graphic on Fiverr, or even a bigger project like a software script or plugin rebranding.

If you have you will know that finding a reliable outsourcer is not easy. If you post a job on an outsourcing site you will often get many bids some of whom have not even read your briefing properly. To test this I usually ask them to quote a secret phrase when applying. Sadly, most don’t. So if they can’t follow the most basic of instructions, how will they cope with a more demanding job?

So I’m always incredibly grateful when somebody does all the hard work for me. And that’s exactly what Craig Crawford has done.

Craig has compiled a directory of reliable sources in 12 different areas you’re likely to need outside help. Any time you need some work done you can simply go to that section, go to the relevant subsection and then just choose from one of the outsourcers there.

Outsourcers Bible Review


The front-end consists of a membership site with 12 different sections, each with varying numbers of subsections. Each of the outsourcers in the subsection has their profile the past job history and ratings. There is also a link to go straight to the relevant page to hire them. If you use a certain outsourcer you will also have the ability to rate them yourself, so that this becomes a valuable resource as time progresses, with each employer being able to rate the employees.

You get:

Searchable web pages

Simply open the site, click on the area you want to outsource, and pick an employee.

Downloadable PDF of each subsection

Each subsection can be downloaded as a pdf so you have all the information without having to be online.

Outsourcer Training

An 11-video course teaching you the ins and outs of outsourcing, so you’re not left in the dark with a load of outsourcers but no idea how to use them.

Bonus report

The bonus report includes the best places to find reliable outsourcers. It’s an ideal companion to the Outsourcers Bible.


The price on the Frontend is $7 raising to $12.95 on a dime sale.

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OTO1 ($14.95/month) – Monthly Additions

OTO 1 is a monthly membership where the guys will continue to find the best outsourcers every month.

OTO2 ($47) – Agency License

This will essentially allow you to sell Outsourcers Bible and get 100% commissions across the funnel. This is not the same as PLR or even reseller rights as you can’t change the price. It also means you would need to connect an autoresponder to your jvzoo account in order to keep the customers you refer, but this is a small price to pay for having an in-demand product ready to go.

My Bonuses

As well as all the bonuses listed below (which all the affiliates get), I also managed to get you access to Flipp.me, Art Flair’s best selling course. It sells HERE for $9.97, but I got you it just for buying through my link. Just send your receipt to my support desk and my unusually handsome assistant David will send you access. He’s the best.

Outsourcers Bible Bonus Page - Outsourcers Bible 2016-08-14 19-02-57


Click Here To Get Outsourcers Bible + My Exclusive Bonus

How To Get The Bonus

The main bonuses will be in the member area waiting for you. For Flipp.me, see the above section

Questions or Comments?

I love hearing from you guys, so please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.