My Review: Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded by Alex Jeffreys

Hi everyone, as you know if you are on my email list, I have been promoting Alex Jeffreys’ latest product called Ultimate Profit Empire. A few of my customers have already purchased it, however I have also received several emails asking exactly what is inside the product. So I have decided to shoot this review – […]

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Retargeting Results

Hey guys, how’s it going? I have been playing with something very exciting – retargeting. Not sure how much you know about this technique, but it allows you to get ultra-targeted and super-cheap clicks, so if you are interested in getting more traffic very cheaply, you should definitely check this out. I have been retargeting my own […]

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Ask Me Anything

Hi everyone! This section is dedicated to “Ask Me Anything”. I love to connect with my customers and frends, and often there are burning questions that people would like to ask me, but don’t know how. Well – here is the perfect opportunity for us to connect, get to know each other and of course […]

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