4 Reasons to Take a Greater Interest in Law

The law is an incredibly complicated, convoluted and abusable thing in our lives. One day you might find yourself being punished by ridiculous laws, and another day you might thank your stars that a judge undermines a law because of its absurdity. The law is no doubt something that can either make or break you, […]

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  • 09/01/2020
  • Law

Do You Need A New Car?

The thought of having to fork out for a new car just after Christmas can send you into a mild panic. However, just because you might need a new car doesn’t mean you need to head to the swankiest showroom or even need to purchase a new one. Sometimes, a series of maintenance checks, a […]

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3 Tips for Dealing with Difficult Situations in Your Business

Pretty much whenever you hear of “entrepreneurship,” it’s presented as a permanently uplifting, awesome, and life-affirming experience, with satisfaction and confidence being natural parts of the equation. Of course, being an entrepreneur can and should be a great experience. If nothing else, it will help to make you more autonomous, and will teach you a […]

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