As you know I am a big fan of the eCom model, and I have an eCom store myself. Many of you also have just picked up the Freecom Blueprint, a product that came our earlier this month.

Today I’ve found a great training + software combination that shows how Cyril went from $0 to $100k with his eCom store in 2015. Best of all, he did it without ever paying any monthly fees to Shopify.

So if you’re brand new and are looking for a great way to start your own 5- or 6-figure business in 2016, this is a great training with 80 chapters (and it includes cool software).

Or if you’ve picked up Freecom Blueprint, then this training will show you how to cut out all the monthly expenses with Shopify.

Watch this video to find out exactly how Cyril went from $0 to $100k in 2015:

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Click Here at 11am US EST on Monday the 8th of Feb To Secure The Discount + My Bonus Below

Main Product Review $16.93 (Lite) $19.00 (Developer) During Early Bird

This is a combination of Training and Software.

Cyril started doing eCom in 2015, and he managed to grow his business dramatically, from $0 to over $100k in under 12 months. And he has partnered up with Han to release this package which can help others get there as well.

PART 1: Training

Cyril’s training consists of 80 modules with total playtime of 4 hours and 40 minutes (I just finished adding it up!). This is easily the most comprehensive and in-depth training on eCom that I have seen.

The key things that put it apart from the rest of the similar courses is:

  • Cyril makes a great income, so this is his case study and his exact methods
  • Cyril uses WordPress and not Shopify, so he doesn’t pay monthly fees to Shopify
  • Cyril will show you how to set up EVERYTHING on WordPress as well so you can save at least $27/month on Shopify

What can I say about the training? It’s very complete, it’s a full system that can just be picked up an implemented.

Click here to see the complete listing of all chapters (opens in new window)

PART 2: Software

The guys have also included a plugin which will allow you to import Ali Express products with one click

I have recorded a demo of the plugin in my video but here are the key features:

  • Search Ali Express from within your WordPress Store
  • Filter by Feedback, Price, Category etc
  • Edit price and description before upload
  • One-click upload of the listing to your store (major time saver)
  • Auto-upload of images (another major time saver)

Upgrade 1 – ProfiCom Pro – $37

Here is what is inside:

  • Support for eBay so you can search and import from eBay as well
  • Additional eCom training
  • Additional Plugins to make your life easier

Upgrade 2 – ProfiCom Agency – $67

  • Use Proficom plugin on your clients’ sites

Upgrade 3 – ProfiCom Reseller – $97

  • Resell ProfiCom and keep 100% of the profits
  • Cyril will complete all technical maintenance and work and answer support
  • You will earn 100% on all of the products in the funnel

Click Here at 11am US EST on Monday the 8th of Feb To Secure The Discount + My Bonus Below

My Bonuses

I have provided you with 3 Custom-Made Bonuses:

Bonus 1: How to choose best-selling products for your eCom Store

This is my own guide on how to pick the very best products to sell.

Bonus 2: 20 of my own best-selling eCom products

I will give you a list of the best proven sellers that I have personally found.

Bonus 3: Bonuses from the Vendors

Here are the bonuses that Cyril and Han have provided to anyone who decides to pick this up through my link:

bonus1 bonus2

How To Get: Please check inside the JVZoo download area for “Greg Kononenko’s Bonus”, or simply reply to my email and I will get it over to you.

Click Here at 11am US EST on Monday the 8th of Feb To Secure The Discount + My Bonus Below

Questions or Comments?

I love hearing from you guys! So please just leave me a comment or question in the comments section below.

    8 replies to "WP Proficom Review: Case Study – From 0 To 100k in 2015 w/out Monthly Fees"

    • Greg Kononenko

      Hi everyone, if you have any questions at all, please post them here, I love hearing from you guys.

    • Robert

      Hi Greg,

      I was just watching Han’s interview and review since it is his product and He said the Udemy coarse is going to only be available for a limited time.
      Searching the webpage for that, but thought I would ask you if you knew anything about it before I buy. A plug in for ecommerce that I have no clue how to use either without training is not going to help me if the training is only for a limited time.
      Thank you in advance,

      • Robert

        Hi Greg,

        Nevermind – On your review – I bought from you link anyway hoping to figure it out either way and didn’t wish to lose the earlierbird. Besides not having to pay monthly fees for Shopify is worth the price.

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Robert, sorry for the late reply, just woke up here in Sydney.

        The plugin comes with complete training on how to install and use it – everything is inside that Udemy course.

        I don’t know about the limited time for training… I was under the impression that it’s there for good. Maybe Han meant that it will go up in price after the launch ends, not too sure to be honest.

        Thanks for the comment!

    • Tim Cronin

      Greg- Great review, as always. I’d probably skip OTO’s 2 n 3. I know Cyril also has alot of traffic training in this, but is there training about processing orders, or is that automated doing this? Reason I’m asking is because there have been a few other similar type products released recently claiming it was about you setting up a site and getting commissions from sales as opposed to drop shipping orders, so wondering about the fulfillment aspect of this. Thanx again for the review.

    • Sun

      hi Greg, I’m interested to order the product but i have a question. if buying without upgrade1 they will not support for eBay search and import and eCom training. So if only buy product alone is it still ok?

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Sun, thanks for the message, yes I think the main product has everything you need to succeed.

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