If you are one of those individuals that get to three days before payday only to discover your bank balance is hovering around the overdraft boundary, you might wonder how on Earth your paycheck gets swallowed up so quickly. You haven’t had a chance to save, you have only been able to make the minimum repayments towards your debts, and you have lacked a decent disposable income pot. It’s time to break the financial routine and try to improve your personal cash flow. You don’t have to surrender to the financial rut. Take a look at these surefire ways to end the month with more cash in your packet.

Earn More

The capability to earn more is easier said than done and will either require a promotion or a second job. Second jobs can be stressful and encroach on our free time so you will need to weigh up the pros and cons of making such a commitment. While a promotion won’t happen overnight, the ambition to enhance your job role is admirable. You need to upskill yourself and take on more responsibility at work so that you’re ready for the next rung of the career ladder. Moving into middle management has its financial perks so work towards this goal. Take an online qualification or head to evening school to enhance your skill set and improve your resume. By doing this, you can secure an interview rather than see your application ending up on the rejection pile.


A simple way to be sure of an enhanced cash flow is to become more organized with your finances. Think about them objectively, cut back where needed and consider morphing all of your separate debts into one monthly repayment. Sites like consolidation.creditcard explain how you can even decrease the monthly repayment to make your debt more manageable leaving you with more disposable income each month. While it may take a little longer to shift the debt, you will have a better quality of life and find that your credit rating is much improved with just one simple debt repayment each month.

Trim Your Expenditure

It’s very easy to assume that we are doing all that we can to cut back. However, there will inevitably be items that we purchase that are unnecessary luxuries. It’s essential that you make a personal budget using the proforma at templates.office.com detailing all of your income and outgoings. By doing this, you can clearly see the frappuccinos, candy bars and chewing gum that needn’t be purchased every week. Every cent that you save can either go towards debt repayments, in your savings pot or in your pocket.

While your financial situation may appear to be stuck in an endless cycle of being nearly in the red at the end of each month, you can change this. There’s no need to scrimp from month to month and hope that some miracle will occur meaning that you have a more buoyant cash flow. Be proactive, follow these simple steps and you can find yourself firmly back in the black.