What happens when there’s conflict in the workplace? Productivity goes into meltdown and your business suffers. Instead of being able to work at optimal efficiency, you’re spending time dealing with these conflicts. You’re acting as a mediator trying to solve the issues so everyone can get back to work.

Financially speaking, regular conflicts can cost your business thousands of dollars per year. Not only that but you may also deal with constant employee turnover as people can’t work with certain individuals anymore. It’s all very frustrating, so what can you do to prevent conflict in the workplace?

Rethink your hiring process

The problems start with your hiring process. A workplace full of conflict is one that hasn’t been constructed properly. You should rethink the way you hire people and consider approaching it from a new perspective.

Nowadays, lots of businesses are hiring for cultural fit. This means they look for employees who may fit the company culture the best. Therefore, you have a workplace of people that should get along and shouldn’t clash heads. Everyone should have the same idea of where the company is going and how to get there.

It should also eliminate other concerns, such as workplace misconduct as you’re paying closer attention to who the employee is rather than just looking at what they’ve achieved. You hire good people that work well with one another instead of loads of individuals that have great CVs but can’t work as a team.

Define roles and objectives

A lot of conflicts happen when people have differing views or perceptions of what to do. Often, this happens when you haven’t set clear definitions for people. Ensure everyone knows their role within your organization or during a project. Make absolutely certain that the objectives are clearly lined out for all to see as well.

You can prevent lots of common daily conflicts by doing this. There shouldn’t be situations where someone isn’t doing the right task or individuals clash on what the main outcomes should be. It’s your job as a manager/business owner to outline roles and objectives to stop issues from arising.

Stop things early on

If there’s the slightest hint of a conflict between employees, you need to squash it before it develops and leads to bigger problems for your business. Investing in workplace mediation can help you do just that. You bring in a third-party mediator to assess the issue and help everyone come to a reasonable conclusion.

It’s important to use mediation the moment things look like they’re turning ugly. Some business owners don’t do anything until it’s too late as they don’t see the problem as a “big” one. Well, it will turn big if you don’t clamp down on it ASAP.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that workplace conflict is normal or natural. It shouldn’t happen as it will cost you a lot of valuable time and money. Using the tactics above, you can clamp down on conflict and prevent major issues from happening.