Looking to start a business that sells products? Whatever area you’re in and whatever you want to create, there are some considerations to bear in mind when it comes to designing and selling products. Here’s what you need to know.

Hire a design team

You’ll already have a clear idea of what you want your product to look like, but it’s important to take your sketches and ideas to a proper design team who can bring it to life for you. Choose a designer who specialises in the area your business is in (it could be anything from fashion to homewares to medical equipment). They will have the expertise to level up your creation if needed and also spot any design flaws that need to be rectified.

Run market research

Once you’ve had your product drawn up by a designer and perhaps a prototype made, your next step is to take the idea to the people. You might think it’s the best thing since sliced bread but not everyone will agree. There might be some fatal errors in the concept that you need to address, although often it will just be some minor tweaks. Getting this right before going into manufacturing will ensure that you’re not wasting money and creating a product that people don’t want or like.

Source the right materials

Your next step is to find the right materials, a lot of this will come down to your USP. If you’re creating a luxury product then you’ll of course need to spend more and find the best quality materials. If you’re an eco friendly company you’ll need to source materials that are perhaps vegan, fairtrade and sustainable. You might want to look into new and innovative materials like neoprene for example, this can be used for everything from wet suits to fire doors.

Find the best manufacturer

A fantastic design, promising market research and all the right materials won’t mean anything if your manufacturers are poor. Do your research here, find factories that have experiece and a great track record when it comes to creating products like yours. Later down the line you might want to consider opening your own manufacturing plant to give you more control, but it’s a huge cost and not something most companies are able to do for quite some time.

Consider shipping and fulfillment

When your company makes and sells products, you also need to consider how these will be delivered to stores or your customers. Using a shipping and fulfillment company will make sense for most small and medium sized businesses, at least in the short term. Once you can afford warehousing space, a fleet of delivery trucks and enough employees to pick and pack orders then you could set up your own department.