Being professional over email is easier said than done because, like a text message, anything that’s written down can be miscommunicated. So what you thought was a polite response might be ready completely differently to the recipient. So with that in mind, here are some tips to be more professional over email.

Be Personal But Not Too Much

Being personal is beneficial because it’s giving that person the impression that you know what you’re doing and treating each email with care and attention. A personal touch can be making sure their names are at the top to greet them, even if you have already emailed previously. Think about a typical question you could ask them before throwing it straight into business, like how their day was or complimenting a recent success that they may have had. Be personal but remember that each and every person you email is going to react differently, so you may need to find your boundaries in person before having the same response to all your contacts.

Make Sure To Proofread It Properly

Proofreading is important because it can be very easy to send an email, and it has so many grammatical errors in it. Always be conscious of double-checking what you’re typing and to make sure that everything you are sending has been checked over. For those important emails, having someone else look over it with a fresh pair of eyes might be necessary. You can also use certain browser add-ons and software that can automatically go through and spell-check your work. Something that’s great to use for everything you do in the workplace.

Have A Delay Send Just In Case

Whether you’re using email marketing for your subscribers with ConvertKit cons or trying to secure an important deal with a client, a delay in sending is always a good thing to add-on to your email. It can provide you with a bit of time to retrieve an email or to stop it from going out if you got the wrong information in there. There really is nothing worse than sending out an email that was intended for that person or that might have some information in there that you don’t want them to see.

Create A Simple But Effective Format

When writing your email, the simpler you can draft it, the better. Making it too complex by changing up the fonts, adding different styles and sizes, or making the paragraphs too long is bad form. You want your email to be read and not ignored or disregarded to a later date. Keep it short and simple, hitting the point within the first paragraph of your email. There’s no need to go overboard with the design, just ensure you have a professional signature. Less is more when it comes to your email’s format.

Being more professional over email can be done without much hassle, so use these tips to make sure that every email you send and respond to is a professional one. You want to keep your customers or clients at the end of the day!