In 2014 I started following Mike From Maine and Brett Rutecky and copying many of the tools and techniques that they were using themselves to make a great income as super affiliates. Both of them make anywhere between $20k and $50k every single month by promoting other people’s products, and they actually publish their income reports online for everyone to see.

What I found was that they didn’t buy course after course. They found one thing that works, and did that ONE thing only. They did it day after day, week after week, until they became successful. And I decided to do the same thing, and the first results started showing after a few short weeks. In a few months, I knew I could scale up to a very good living if I just continue to do what they do.

To become a super affiliate like they are, you need two things:

1) Knowledge of the system – how to find the offers to promote, how to get traffic, how to structure your reviews, how to increase conversions, and how to build your buyers list

2) Tools – page builders, video tools, exit popups, bonus pages, optin pages, webinar software etc

It can quickly get overwhelming if you are trying to acquire this knowledge in little bits, and it can get expensive if you try to buy all these tools separately.

But with what I found today, you no longer have to try and find all these things on your own. You can simply learn from Mike and Brett directly, using their case studies. And you can even use their own tools, which they have made available to you:

Watch my review to find out exactly what’s inside:

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Click Here at 11am US EDT the 25th of Oct To Grab This + My Bonus Below

Profit Canvas Main Product Review $37

Before I get into it, I have to say that I spent around 5 hours today going through the software as well as the course. After that I spent another 1.5 hours preparing for the review video. And then almost 30 minutes recording the review video. So almost 8 hours to make this post – and why? Because this product is just so huge, and so valuable. I needed to make sure I do a proper job reviewing it.

What is inside? High level overview.

This is a rare all-in-one package. You get all of the essential software to run an online business. And you also get all of the over-the-shoulder training from Mike and Brett. They are both making multiple 6 figures a year. Brett alone is on track to making $800k+ in 2015, and they are sharing all of their secrets inside.

Inclusion 1: Page Builder

If you have ever tried to build a beautiful looking squeeze page or sales page, you know how difficult and expensive it is. If you buy a program like Profit Builder or OptimizePress, you are looking at spending $97 for the cheapest OptimizePress licence and $297 for a licence to run it on 30 sites (after you exceed it, you need to buy more licences).

Brett has hand-coded a brilliant Page Builder system that delivers really fresh-looking page. You can create your own page from scratch or use the included 75+ templates. All templates look very professional, here is a sample:

All of the pages are fully customizable, and you can load the templates and edit any and all of the elements in them.

The interface is drag and drop and there are tutorials to explain how everything works.

This is what I built in 3 minutes of playing:

The types of pages you can build are:

  • Sales Pages
  • Squeeze (Optin) Pages
  • Bonus Pages
  • Webinar Pages
  • Download Pages
  • Review Pages
  • Pretty much any other type of page you might need…

I like the result, and I like the interface. Everything looks very much 2015, clean, professional and modern.

Inclusion 2: Video Jacker

If you have seen Brett and Mike’s previous software SociVids, this is essentially it.

It allows you to take ANY YouTube video (not just your video, you can take videos that belong to others) and overlay your own Call To Action over the top.

What that means is that you can grab any video on YouTube and share it on Facebook or anywhere else online. You can specify the parameters for exactly what type of call to action and at exactly what type should appear. It will look like a normal video, but then all of a sudden your call to action will appear at the specified type.

The calls to action you can overlay are:

  • Optin form
  • Clickable link
  • Image
  • Paypal Button or JVZoo Button

You can benefit from this by sharing funny / viral videos in your niche on your Social Media properties or on your site, and collecting traffic, sales and optins without doing any work yourself.

Inclusion 3: Popup Jacker

Works quite similar to the Video Jacker, but with any other page on the internet (not just YouTube videos). So you can put your link or call to action or optin form onto any website, for example Wikipedia or CNN or any blog. Any site you want really.

You get awesome popup templates as well which are full customizable. Here is an example of one:

You can set the popup to come up instantly, after a specified period of time, or when the visitor tries to exit.

You can benefit from this by sharing helpful articles anywhere online, for example in Forums or FB groups. Everyone will find this content useful, and then when your popup comes up they won’t think that your link was spammy – because they will believe that the popup belongs to the site they visited.

Inclusion 4: Webinar Software

If you are getting nervous thinking you have to run webinars – I need to say upfront that you don’t need to do that.

This is more of an advanced technique, and something you may want to do in the future as your business is growing. I am only now starting to do webinars, and I survived without them for about 12 months.

However the webinars are a very powerful technique and the webinar software does cost a lot: right now I am paying $199 per month for having a Go To Webinar account. Well, luckily this software includes the webinar software and you don’t have to pay anything extra for it – it’s all part of the $37 product, for a one-time payment.

I will be switching over to Profit Canvas webinar myself, because it’s going to save me $2,400 every single year.

Inclusion 5: The Vault

Remember that we are still inside the main product, and this is Part 5 of the offering.

Inside the vault, you will find the following:

Vault – Training

There are 28 training videos which Brett and Mike have recorded for the Profit Canvas suite that are showing in detail how to implement all of the tools in Profit Canvas to build the business the exact same way they have built it. They are leaving nothing out, and are sharing all of their secrets. I am following the exact same model, so I know this stuff works.

Topics covered are:

  • General Training (list building, squeeze pages, bonus pages, facebook traffic)
  • Affiliate Marketing (intro, domain and website setup, themes and plugins, writing reviews the right way)
  • Ranking and Traffic (how to get traffic, how Brett ranks in google for every product he reviews, social media training)
  • Product creation (why and how you can create own products, how to structure the upsells, attracting affiliates etc)

Don’t get too worried about product creation – you don’t HAVE to do this with their model. But if you decide to do it, then you don’t have to even create your own from scratch, because Mike and Brett are actually providing some Done For You high quality software products which you can sell or give away as your own.

Vault – Software

Here Brett and Mike are giving away 4 of their own premium software products: ClickBar, FB Pixel Insert, Jack Jacker Gold and Support Chat.

You can sell those products to make money and build a buyers list.

You can also just give them away for free so that you can build a targeted list of online marketing niche buyers, and then market to that list using the methods Brett and Mike are showing.

You get full reseller, giveaway and whitelabel rights.

Conclusion and Verdict

All of this for $37? They are crazy to give away Profit Canvas at that price.

Seriously though, all of the inclusions are high quality and are a complete blueprint to building a real online business as a super affiliate.

Each of them could have been sold for $27 or $37 separately, and it’s a real bargain to get all of them at this insanely low price, so definitely lots of value here.

Profit OTO1 Review – Developer Rights $67

With this upgrade you get three components:

  • Double the landing page templates (150 instead of 75)
  • Double the popup templates (50 instead of 25)
  • Developer Rights

The landing and popup templates are self-explanatory – you get more of them.

With the Developer Rights – you get the ability to charge others for the outputs of your work. With the main product, you are only allowed to use it for yourself in your own business. With the Developer Rights, you are able to product pages for others and sell them for profit.

The way you can benefit from this is by selling the fresh and professional looking sales pages, squeeze pages, bonus pages, popups, and video overlays. Basically anything that Profit Canvas is capable of producing can be sold to others for profit.

If you have any clients in the offline niche – this can be an easy revenue stream for you.

And if you currently don’t have any clients, then you can simply approach local businesses and offer to provide services to them and make $100’s per sale for some easy work. Alternatively you can sell these services on Fiverr or by directly approaching websites or other online marketers and offering your services.

Profit Canvas OTO2 Review – White Label Rights – $97 – $197

This package takes it up a notch and is of course not for everyone. The main benefit of this upgrade would be to acquire the rights to sell this software as your own to others.

The pricing is based on the number of reseller licences you acquire. This means the number of copies that you are allowed to sell:

  • $97 for 10 licences ($9.70 per licence)
  • $147 for 50 licences ($2.94 per licence)
  • $197 for 500 licences ($034 per licence)

If you charge someone even $27 for this software, you can easily make your money back by selling just a few copies, and then the remaining income would be pure profit.

This is definitely not for everyone, but you can see the potential here. This software took Brett well over 6 months to develop. And if you paid someone to do this for you, I guess it would cost well over $5,000. So in effect you get your own ready-made high quality software for just a fraction of the price.

You could even sell access on a monthly basis – for example charging $17 a month or $27 a month which would equate to well over $200 per year per client.

Profit Canvas OTO3 Review – Live 4 Week Workshop – $47

I really like the idea of this upgrade, especially at this price.

Brett and Mike will show you LIVE how they:

  • Create a product LIVE, right in front of your eyes
  • Package the whole funnel using Profit Canvas (sales pages, download pages, etc)
  • Market it and sell it

They will show you everything you need to know in order to start your own affiliate marketing business. It’s like coaching and being held by the hand through the process of making money. You can literally look over their shoulder as they create something with Profit Canvas, and then sell it.

This way you can copy what they do, ask questions as you go along and finally start building your online business.

Having all the tools in the world is worth nothing if you don’t know how to use them, and this training can help you take action. And being live on calls with Brett and Mike will be very useful to learn, get any questions answered and became unstuck if you are not sure about something.

Click Here at 11am US EDT the 25th of Oct To Grab This + My Bonus Below

My Bonus

As you know, I now provide just one or two bonuses, but my bonuses are always very highly targeted and actionable.

I don’t pack 15 low-quality PLR books which you will just open, look at disappointedly and store on your hard drive. My bonuses are something you can actually pick up and implement to make the main product better.

So I have included 2 highly targeted bonuses:

Bonus 1: Extra Graphics

One thing that I found could be slightly better with Profit Canvas is the amount of graphics that comes with the software. When you are building the pages, you want the flexibility to insert some cool background, arrows, bullet points, images, and eve though the selection is pretty good, it could be slightly bigger.

You can of course use your own images – and that’s exactly what my bonus is going to do.

I am including my own collection of 650+ stunning Online Marketing graphics that are going to provide you with all the possible images you might need building our your landing and popup templates and sales pages.

Bonus 2: Extra Products to Sell

Since a part of this model revolves around giving away or selling your own info or software products, I am going to provide you with 3 more products to sell.

Mike and Brett are giving you 4 software products. I will give you 3 info products with which you are free to do what you want – sell them, give them away, edit them. Basically do whatever you want.

HOW TO GET YOUR BONUSafter you have purchased the product, go to the JVZoo account and check the download page. Inside, you will see a box called “Greg Kononenko Bonus”. The bonuses will be available there.

Questions or Comments?

I love hearing from you guys! So please just leave me a comment or question in the comments section below.

    10 replies to "Profit Canvas Review | How Mike and Brett Make $653 a Day w/This"

    • Greg Kononenko

      I’m here to answer any questions 🙂

    • Seb

      Hey you say on your bonus 2 you give 3 more product to sell but what is the product exactly? Just to see if it’s really powerfull product people want to have…… or not 🙂

      Look like the profit canva is powerfull 🙂

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Seb, yeah good point! It includes 3 of WSO’s – one on traffic, one on Fiverr and one on list building. All high quality (no PLR). Thanks for your comment 🙂

    • Ramon

      Even as a beginner and have never made 1 dollar online this will show me what steps to take. To set ip a pal acount or what not to get paid, show me how to get clickbank items, show me how get get traffic. Everything for 37. Please dont answer just yes. Please eplain how easy for someone with no experiencr make their first buck online

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Ramon, this all in one package will give you the training and the tools needed to follow the model that Mike and Brett are following themselves. You won’t need to use clickbank (but you can if you want to).
        The training will show you:
        – How to set up your site
        – How to pick products to review
        – How to write good reviews
        – How to rank your content so you can get traffic
        – How to build a buyers list
        – How to release your own products (you don’t have to do this immediately).
        It also gives you products to give away or sell.
        You will also get the tools:
        – Page builder
        – Popup builder
        – Webinar software
        – Video jacker
        – Content jacker
        Basically everything needed to follow Mike and Brett’s system is included in the package.

        • RamoN

          Sounds like alot of awsome tools. That being said. Without me physically talking to someone like a mentor, i will have the potention to make money and run a campain with the videos and make money right away. The probly im facing is that all these mentors are so dang expensive. I know the intial payment will outweigh the cost i invest. But u still have pay some good money. Just to at least skpe with someone. I know theres gota be someone that helps someone from start to finish pro bono as a experiment of gift they can give some one to change their life. I mean i would. Will this program do this for me? Or do i have to figure it out on my own?

          • Greg Kononenko

            Hi Ramon, this course includes all the training you need. Regarding the implementation component, if you really need the extra help then getting oto3 will be beneficial.
            As to free coaching – well I haven’t come across that so far. Normally marketers are very busy and actually work long hours. So adding more hours for free may not be something many people might want to do.

    • angelo bevanda

      Hi Greg, If we buy through your link we get both yours and Stephens bonuses including the review list? Thank you

      • angelo bevanda

        Just read the small print, which answered the question 🙂 Thank you

        • Greg Kononenko

          Hi Angelo, sorry about the late reply. Yes you get Steve’s and my bonuses 🙂

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