It’s a fantastic feeling moving into a new home, whether rented or purchased. Despite the enormous tasks that come with moving between properties, Australians make up the most mobile people worldwide. Over 40% of Aussies change home addresses every five years due to a job change, a desire to buy a better house or get a cheaper one. Every new home must be protected to keep the house, your family, and your possessions safe. Check out these 4 easy ways that you can make your new home more secure.

Install a home security system

Purchasing a home can cost a fortune – especially if you are a first time buyer, so your top priority should be to protect it. One of the most effective and comprehensive ways of doing so is to have a home security system installed. Investing in a good home security system reduces the chances of a break-in, which could otherwise lead to your property and the lives of your family being put in danger.

Make a will

Owning any property (especially a home) is a good investment, and it’s natural that you would want to pass it on to your loved ones. Making a will means that you can decide who inherits what and how much of what you have to leave behind. It is advisable to write down how you plan to share your possessions before then taking the responsible step to visit a lawyer. You are not obliged to discuss the plan with your immediate family before or after seeing a solicitor. Remember that the cost of a will in Australia is dependent on a variety of factors. Will HQ is an Australian firm specialising in helping you plan, secure, and execute your will.

Provide adequate lighting and eliminate hiding places

Installing lights outside your home is a good way to discourage burglars and other criminals. Make it a point to install motion-sensor lights that automatically activate (and stay on) when anyone or anything moves past them. Moreover, setting these lights on timers when you are away for an extended period helps create the impression someone is still at home. If you are keen on saving energy, incorporate solar-powered lights in your home. Be wary of overgrown shrubs and plants, as if not well-trimmed or positioned, they could be convenient places for thieves to hide. Opt for smaller plants, flowers, or thin bushes, and if you have trees which are close to windows, remove them entirely or reinforce the windows with extra security.

Get to know your immediate environment

Presenting your neighbours with freshly-baked pies or muffins is a great way to break the ice, but there is more to it than that. Getting to know your neighbours is a safety measure many people tend to overlook. By establishing a cordial relationship, both of you become the other’s eyes and ears, especially where your properties are concerned. Thankfully, in Australia, you can easily establish partnerships with a few close residents and set up a neighbourhood watch. As members, you can collectively request your local police department to conduct a security assessment of your homes and neighbourhood.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to protect your home. The steps you take to eliminate or reduce risks can help lower your liability, but If in doubt hire a professional, and always stay alert.