There are those people in the world that have a lot more money than sense, and while it’s an enviable position to be in, from the financial perspective, is it better? Lots of people have finances so big that they end up pursuing a lot of thrilling activities, which is great in some ways, but the downside is that you will continue to pursue a bigger and bigger thrill each time that it could end up with a negative outcome, or even a criminal record! So, are there considerable downsides to an expendable income, when your tastes in hobbies are more adventurous than a book of the month club?


Excessive Injuries

If you are into sports, and football isn’t doing it for you anymore, you would consider pushing it to the extremes. This could mean skydiving or boxing. Boxing is one of those hobbies that is great because you get a fantastic workout, but the injuries you can get from regular boxing can be very bad, to say the least. shows a list of the most common boxing injuries, including concussion, carpal bossing, as well as various fractures. The more you go for the thrill, the likelihood you will get more injuries. When pursuing a sport that can result in severe injury, you need to have adequate training.

The Worry You Put Your Loved Ones Through

Having more money than sense means that you are not just putting your life in danger from time to time, but the concerns you put your family or friends through might not enter your mind. Riding a motorcycle can be an incredibly thrilling practice, but riding on dangerous coastal roads could easily mean you will end up in an accident. gives some information on the number of people that were killed riding motorcycles in the United States during the course of a year. Riding a motorcycle is incredibly risky, and no matter how sophisticated the make and model of the bike, you will still cause your loved ones concern from time to time.

The Financial Peril

It’s not just the worry you cause others. If you are someone who gains the thrill from betting huge amounts of cash, this can be very devastating, especially if you end up losing. If you have more money than sense, the temptation to bet an exorbitant amount in a casino, purely for the thrill of it, is very dangerous indeed. It’s at this point where professional help is always beneficial. Because if it gets to the point where you’re impacting the others around you for your own thrill-seeking ways, you need to seek help.

Pursuing a thrill is one of those things in life that is a double-edged sword. You can endanger yourself if you are pursuing an extreme one, but it makes you feel alive. For those people that have more money than sense, going skydiving, or mountain climbing are activities that can reinvigorate you. But for those people in the minority where they have more money than sense, it’s important to think about the overall impact. It’s not just on yourself, but on those around you.