There is no real debate about the most effective way to market your business. It doesn’t matter how many social media channels you use, how many networking events you attend. It comes down to the fact that quality content is the most effective way that you can market your business. It’s not just something that small businesses are jumping on board with, either. Larger corporations and even retail companies are on board.

The question is now how you can product the right volume of content that isn’t full of fluff? It has to be valuable and it has to have quality to it. You can’t just post up content that means nothing because you’re trying to fill a gap – it has to really mean something. You could put out blog after blog, but if you’re still receiving rubbish conversion rates, you’re obviously not meeting the needs of your audience. It has to be the best, it has to be engaging and it has to make people want to click on your site over and over again. Below, we’ve got five ways you could ensure that your content is of a high quality!

1.Test Your Titles

Keyword placement in text isn’t just about your main body of content. Your SEO meta tags have to be rich in keyword content for the right hits and you should be ensuring that you don’t over do it in the main body. Your title has to be an irresistible lure and playing by title and content keyword rules is going to help you to get there.

2.Monitor Social Media

You have to do more than sit around and wait for people to mention your brand name. It’s great that this is happening, but it’s not going to be enough and you have to expand your attention to your social media usage. Look for the social trends, cues and signals that can help your business to shine. Collaborate, answer people and pay attention to how you are portrayed online.

3.Engage Your Customers

It’s so much more than just people buying from you. Your customers are going to give you data and they’re going to be your profit line. Customer opinions are as rich a source of information as anything else. Getting your customers attention means that you have to show them that you know them and deep content can help you to give them answers about your company.

4.Learn About Your Competitors

Analyzing what your competitors are up to is the best way to decide if what you are going to do will work. Observe what your competition are up to and you can predict what your audience will want from you the most.


You have already done all of your homework and you’ve written excellent content with the right meta tags and titles, so now it’s time to look into your on-page SEO. You need great images, sub-headers and outbound links to the right sites to make your content rich in optimization.