Everyone’s always talking about how to appeal to millennials and Gen Z, which platforms are they using? What are they talking about? How do we make sure that they see us and are talking about us? However, while you’re so busy doing that you could be missing out on your loyal and frankly wealthier client base, those who are a bit older. This doesn’t necessarily mean the grey pound, but those in between who are also online too and can often be forgotten about.

happy old man with laptop

Know Your Audience

Like with any audience, you need to know who you’re selling to. You need to think about what they want – will this older demographic want to be taking photos of your product and post them on their page? According to a Philadelphia advertising agency, the older demographic is more inclined to use Facebook as an informational resource rather than a selfie sharing platform, so it’s more likely that they’ll want to know what your product or service can do for them, how it will help them and improve their life. Even if the younger demographic are interested in your product as well, it’s just finding different ways to speak to them and to show them why your product is right for them.

Use The Right Platforms

While the older demographic are increasingly using their mobile phones for the internet, there is still a lot who use their laptop or desktop predominantly. You need to be aware of this to be able to reach the people you want to. There is no point spending all your budget on mobile-friendly marketing if your target audience is sat at desktops.

Personalize The Experience

While the millennials and Gen Z expect a personalized experience because it is what they’re used to, the older generation is impressed by a personalized experience because it’s not what they expect online, it’s not what they’re used to, and they find it touching and value it far more than another demographic. Appealing to what they know and what they like as well as using your customer’s name and data for good use can be extremely valuable to your company as well as giving the most exceptional customer experience.

Use The Right Language

Trendy jargon will be lost on an older demographic, so make sure you appeal to them by using language familiar to them. Abbreviations, slang, and even intelligent language that you use to make a joke – it will be lost on them, and they’ll feel that your company perhaps isn’t right for them or isn’t approachable.

Encourage People To Use The Phone

While online is what you’re focussing on, for the older audience having a phone number available to ring is very important. This is what they’re used to and where they feel most comfortable, so encourage them to call up for more information or at least have the option. According to ResponseTap, the senior market care about personalities and 36 percent of those aged over 55 use the internet for research but prefer to talk to someone on the phone before they buy.

Make sure you don’t miss out on a vast number of sales by forgetting about these guys!