Every business owner needs to learn the art of persuasion. You’re going to need to convince people to believe in you, take your ideas seriously and possibly, part with their own money to invest in your business. Not only do you as the owner have to learn this art but your business as an entity also. Every business, industry and sector is different. Therefore, why should the world of marketing be any different? Marketing solutions are going to be unique to every sector and industry and even more so for individual businesses. The trick is to know what your consumers will react to but also, how they shop. This is a battle that has continued to rage among business owners, i.e. is it more important to work your way into your consumer’s life or simply be there when they turn up? Go to them, or let them come to you?

Social media videos

Consumers are more likely to react to something that is visual than anything else. The top of this tree is video marketing. Photographs, images and selfies are all well and good but when you have moving visuals this will trap the attention of consumers’ eyes. This is why for retail, you must invest in video marketing. Small 5 to 10-second ads, that can showcase your products in action will go a very long way. Consumers have shorter attention spans than at any other time in history, therefore you must engage them with video but keep it short and sweet.

Retail is visual

On the other hand, retail is still very much image-based if you’re a fashion brand. It’s highly likely that when a consumer is searching for an item, they will use Google. Google Images and Google Shopping are very high up on the list because of they both present visuals to the customer. Using a marketing specialist company like Your Marketing People, that knows how to market your business on Google Shopping is in your best interest. They offer a shopping feed optimization, profit tracking, intelligent bidding, full management and automation wrapped in one service. The overall aim is to increase your ROI, and target both mobile and desktop shoppers. Crucially, they will employ a tactic of separating campaigns so that products which are outperforming other will get a larger impression share.

Know what they like

Customers that have previously bought from your business, should be targeted for email marketing campaigns. By tracking what they have bought, you can offer similar products to them via promotional emails. Since you know what they like, offering them the latest released products from their preferred brands will increase your chances of making another sale. If you’re running discounts for certain products or brands, it’s a good idea to design your email marketing campaign beforehand, to match the individual customer to the discount of the specific products.

Knowing your customers in a retail business is crucial for getting your marketing campaigns right. Social media video ads should be short and sweet. You should design your marketing campaign around Google searches in images and shopping if you’re a clothing brand.