Hey guys, how’s it going?

I have been playing with something very exciting – retargeting.

Not sure how much you know about this technique, but it allows you to get ultra-targeted and super-cheap clicks, so if you are interested in getting more traffic very cheaply, you should definitely check this out.

I have been retargeting my own buyers list, and have been getting BUYERS clicks for $0.23 and $0.26 per click:



Pretty cool, right?

So I wanted to quickly share with you the steps on how you can achieve the same results.

How Does Retargeting Work?

Retargeting lets you “tag” each visitor to your page.

For example, you may have an ad on Craigslist advertising your report.

Some people will come to your squeeze page. Some will opt in and some won’t.

If you have a retargeting pixel on your page, then you can “tag” those people, and save them to your “Custom Audience”. Then you can run Facebook ads to that audience.

This “Custom Audience” is of course very targeted, because they are “warm” – they know who you are.

If you look at the images above, I am getting 5-10% CTR on my ads. That’s huge!

And Facebook of course is all about making money. So if you ran these ads to a cold audience, you would be getting much lower CTR, and your cost per click would be much higher as the result.

How Can You Profit?

Well, I highly recommend that you:

  • Start placing retargeting pixels on all pages which you have traffic running to
  • Create an audience
  • Follow up with that audience using the Facebook Ads – and you will get very cheap clicks

What Next?

Well, I will be working on a report that will be published in the next few weeks about how I have been successfully using Retargeting in my business. Leave me a comment below and let me know what you would like to see in that report.

Also, I want to mention a tool that I checked out the other day and loved:

>> WP Second Chance

That tool simplifies retargeting and takes all guesswork out of it. Check out this page and see exactly how it works.

Great little timesaver.

Till later!


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    • Benjamin Schrock

      I’ve been wondering lately what a retargeting pixel was. It’s offered on many of the CPA networks so thanks for article. I’ll start to retarget also.

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