The great thing that I LOVE about IM is how hands off it can be… You can set up nice little profit streams which run on almost autopilot, and all of them add up. Once you have built one that makes you $60 to $100 every single day, you can simply rinse and repeat.

In order to set up these streams, you need to know how to get traffic and how to convert it. There is a lot of misinformation out there, and many of the courses that I have recently seen do a poor job explaining how to put it all together. Even worse, many of them are plain wrong and are put together by marketers who don’t even follow their own teachings – they are out there trying to sell you untruthful information to make a quick buck.

Today I have found something VERY different. This is a course by Stefan Ciancio, who has paid $5k for a CPA coach and who is now making a very nice living from doing CPA marketing. Tomorrow he is releasing information which I have NEVER seen before, and this $5.95 product is packed with awesome information which you couldn’t get from many $37 courses.

Watch my video below to learn how you can set up CPA funnels making $60 to $100 every single day:

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Click Here to Secure My Bonus and the Early Bird Pricing

My Bonuses

If you grab this through my link, I will provide you with 2 more pre-researched niches with offers that convert.

It’s not going to substitute the full Done For You pack offered as OTO2, but will help you get ever more ideas for what kind offers are hot and will convert very well.

It will work perfectly with this product.

How to Get the Bonuses: after you purchase, watch out for the email from “WarriorPlus”. Inside, you will find the product access link. When you click that, you’ll be taken to the download area, and my bonuses will be under “Affiliate Bonus”. Alternatively, simply reply to the email you get from me. Or just leave a comment here.

Questions or Comments?

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    15 replies to "CPA Profit Machines Review"

    • Roger

      All these CPA courses have one thing in common: Most of them are pure rippoff and the only ones who are making money with this by playing with people’s dreams are guys like you. Sorry to be blunt, but I have never bought a CPA course that teaches real actions to take in order for one to start making money consistently, it doesn’t exist. You buy for $10 a course and then you have several OTOS and more money for you guys, you are the ones making money.

      • Greg

        Hey Roger, you are right by saying most of them are a rip off. That’s the reason I haven’t promoted any CPA courses for a while because they teach same old things that don’t even work (and I talk about that in the video). There’s been over 10 CPA plus YouTube courses done in the last month alone.
        Stefan is a real deal with CPA though. I’ve known him for over 12 months and he’s paid for a CPA / Bing coach and he’s really working the methods that he’s showing here.

      • Angel

        Yeah Roger I may have to agree with you. I’m kind of new in this business and the way I see it is the other guy is making all the money 9 times outta 10.

        • Greg Kononenko

          Hey Angel, yeah definitely quite a bit of shady stuff in the internet marketing space. That’s why I don’t promote offers from product creators who don’t have any results to back up what they are teaching, so that’s something to always watch out for: are the vendors themselves getting results from the methods they are teaching.

    • Wanda

      Hi Greg Happy Birthday! I am still on your list because you haven’t promoted EVERY CPA offer lately. After Stephen Gilbert sent an email on the 29th I went through my email once again and unsubscribed from a ton of marketers. I felt like I was in the middle of a feeding frenzy. I know bonuses and oto’s are supposed to enhance offers but lately there are SO MANY it’s overwhelming. There is not enough time to watch and implement the main FE product much less go through everything else.

      In my opinion if an offer is legitimate you shouldn’t need 15 bonuses to enhance it. I can see a DFY oto or software. Also you know there are going to be multiple offers if four people are launching a $7. product…

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hey Wanda, thanks so much for your comment and Bday wishes! Thanks for staying on my list 🙂 Yeah that’s pretty much why I only promote 1-2 offers a week, I choose to review and promote only the highest quality courses.
        And very true about bonuses too. I have actually stopped giving 10 bonuses for a purchase for that same reason. I usually try to do 1 high quality, relevant, bite-sized bonus.
        All the best!

    • george thompson

      It’s pretty much impossible to know who to believe anymore with all of these CPA offers coming out daily. I think the best thing that any newbie can do is to forget about all of these offers and just focus on mastering “TRAFFIC”. Once you learn and can get traffic on demand then it does not matter what offer you promote , cause you will virtually have your own cash machine. It does not matter how good the offer is cause if you can’t get eyeballs on it then it’s useless. Stop buying every shiny object that comes out and just focus the next few months learning and mastering different traffic and come the new year you will see a great difference.

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi George, that’s the best piece of advice anyone can get. We should all focus on ONE model, and ONE traffic source until it’s successful.
        I personally still buy courses from time to time if they are on things that I am focusing on right now (Video SEO, Facebook and eComm). But I don’t buy courses on unrelated topics, because they would distract me.

    • Tim Cronin

      Greg- Thanx for this review, and thanx for being honest about what u think is a good training. I also very much appreciate that 20 minute training u did last week concerning the technical stuff about uploading and tweaking squeeze pages, and about attaching the AR code to them. I had heard about Bing and CPA from others on occasion, including direct linking. But I am wondering about how traffic sites like Traffic Vance, 50 On Red, Lead Impact, etc. , are used with CPA offers. If you ever come across any decent info on how that aspect of CPA works, I’d love to see it. Thanx again for your detailed posts !

      • Greg Kononenko

        Hi Tim, thanks for the kind comments. I don’t know too much about the three traffic sources you have mentioned unfortunately, so can’t advise on them. All the best!

        • Tim Cronin

          Greg- Thanx for the reply. From what I had seen demo’d a while in the past, it looked like you could take a CPA offer LP, do keyword research related to the CPA offer, build a URL list based on the keywords (all done with an automation tool!), and then bid on those URL’s on any of those sites, though you need a personal referral to get into Traffic Vance, besides a large initial traffic budget. What I guess I was curious about was whether any of those sites were still viable doing direct-linking, or if it was better to do your own SP leading to the CPA LP. But since no one has recently been talking CPA regarding traffic sites like those, just thought I’d ask you. Anyway, thanx again for your reply, and if I find out more, I’ll be happy to let you know!

    • nick

      Hey Greg. Happy Birthday for yesterday. Hope you picked a winner on the Melbourne Cup. I am buying this product this afternoon through your link. I have tried cpa before but done my dough on traffic. This sounds like a proper cocomprehensive teaching method.Thanks

      • Greg

        Hey Nick, thanks very much! Yes this is one of the better CPA courses I’ve seen in the past 12 months. At that price point, it’s super cheap.

    • Nick

      Hi Greg Im still waiting for the Bonus from you. I went through to get this course. I just wanted a friendly reminder my friend

      • Greg

        Hey Nick, great, and I’ve just sent you the details. Thanks and all the best.

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