Imagine creating a 5-figure machine, which brings you sales in two ways:

  • Immediate income from selling it
  • Ongoing income from sending a short email

Of course, we are talking about creating your own info product. In fact, I only started on this path 9 months ago, and am seeing fantastic results.

On today’s episode, I would like to achieve a couple of things:

1) Give you an understanding of results you can get with your own product (including my own screenshots)

2) Give you an inside look into the new product “5 Figure Machines”

3) Offer you an awesome bonus – 2 of my own products with PLR rights so that you can get a “done for you” product which you can sell. Sales page included.

Watch the video below:


How To Get Your Bonus:

1) Buy “5 Figure Machines” through this link (check my video for info on what’s inside the OTO’s, they are valuable)

2) Go inside your WarriorPlus email, click the “access download” link

3) Check the “Affiliate Bonus” box – the bonuses are there


Bonus Offer Recap:

The product is about creating your own info product.

Well, I am giving you the ultimate bonus – 2 x Done For Your Products. My own previous products, with full PLR rights.

Yes  – the product in editable format with the right to do whatever you want with it.

And also my sales copy for both of them is included.

Get it here.

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    • Warwick Foster

      Which products are they (PLR)? And are there any OTOs?

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