Many business owners go through rough patches at some point or another. The market constantly fluctuates, and that means your company’s sales will probably fluctuate, too. But there’s a difference between noticing the occasional dip on your sales charts and noticing a steady downward slope. If you’re struggling to get your business back on track then it might be time to return to the drawing board. To help you reinvent your company, these pieces of advice should point you in the right direction.

Find your target market

You might think that you already know your target audience, but this probably isn’t the case if you’re struggling to push your business forwards. If you still have an existing base of customers but you’re failing to draw in new ones then the problem probably lies in your marketing and lead generation. You might want to check out for help with network marketing. Securing potential leads in this way is all about looking in the right places and building relationships with corners of the market that you might not ordinarily have approached. You need to cast your net a little wider and reach for corners of the cold market to generate leads. If you can prove yourself then you’ll start to build your client base again. That brings us to the next point.

Work on your reputation

The best way to turn around a failing business is to work on your reputation. Your brand image is vital, as explained at You need to get people to say good things about you again. Word of mouth is still one of the best forms of advertising; it’s just the medium of marketing that’s changed. If you want to encourage your customers to spread the word then you might have to give them an incentive to do so. You could start a referral scheme, for instance. For freebies or coupons, your clients will be much more likely to tell their family and friends about you. Of course, simply exceeding customer expectations is a great way to boost your reputation. If you simply offer great deals to your long-term customers (and ask for nothing in return) then this will show them that you value their loyalty. In return, they’ll value your business and possibly even leave better reviews.

Boost workplace performance

Another way in which you might want to point your company in the right direction is to evaluate your workforce, as pointed out at Many businesses fail because their teams fail. Don’t underestimate the power of your employees to turn your company around. You could boost workplace performance by offering promotions and bonuses to hard workers. You could even spruce up the office design a little to lift spirits (surroundings really do impact people’s mental states). You could also help to boost workplace performance by outsourcing certain tasks, as has been suggested previously on this site. It’s a smart way to increase productivity in a cost-effective manner. Your business will be able to increase its output without having to hire additional full-time workers. Your existing members of staff can focus on the technical work at the core of your company’s operations, and administrative tasks can be left to outsourced workers.