There can be so many different reasons that you might be looking for a lawyer. You might have a business problem, there could have been a work accident, or you might be up against something more serious. Choosing the right lawyer can be the difference between you paying for something you didn’t do or clearing your name. Choosing a lawyer like Bradley Bray, that specializes in a specific area, will give you the best chance in your case.

So here is how you can choose the right lawyer for you.


Unlike in the movies where people hire a family law specialist to do their criminal case, you should be looking for a lawyer who specializes in the area you need. They have deep knowledge of this area, and they will understand the process. Not only that, but you aren’t going to be putting yourself at risk.


You might think that the best lawyer for you is going to be one that you are friends with, or at least you get on very well with. Sometimes the best lawyers aren’t going to try to be your friend; instead, they are going to be highly focused and personable. You will feel at ease with them, trust them, but most likely not start cracking jokes together.

Firm Size

You might want to go with the biggest name in the game, as they have the resources to throw into your case – but sometimes a big firm is not the best option. Smaller firms might not have the big name, but you are more likely to be made a priority and be able to speak to your own lawyer without needing to wait.

A smaller firm can give you the personal attention that you might need.


Paralegals are an invaluable resource and play a vital role in your case, but some firms will hand off cases that aren’t going to get a lot of media coverage or a big payout for paralegals to handle. These types of firms also take on a lot of cases, and yours will likely go on the pile that gets dealt with by the paralegals and rarely gets seen or supervised by a qualified lawyer.


Although it can be beneficial to go with a legal team that is close to you in terms of distance, you might not have the best options around you. Since there are so many different ways to communicate with your law firm now, you can choose to have a firm in another city handle your case.

And finally, always make sure that you have read all of the reviews about the law firm you are considering. Keep in mind that even the most fierce lawyer might not have a spotless record – and there will be people who lost a case who will leave harsh reviews. Take a balanced approach to this.

Even with the best of intentions, your business practices might get you in trouble, but it can always be helpful to get a reminder of how you should be conducting things: Making a Highly Professional Business.