Hey guys, I am really excited because so many of you are loving our new course Social CPA Academy.

Also very excited that 7 of you won your free copies – please check below the video to see if you’re one of the winners and what to do to claim 🙂


What’s inside? Well we’ve partnered up with Jason Richardson, who is a successful full-time CPA marketer and he’s earned over $300k using Facebook and CPA. You can watch the video for more details.

Watch the video below to see exactly what the course does:

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Click Here To Lock In The Earlybird Price 🙂

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How Does It Work?

What is CPA? And why CPA?

CPA, in case you’re not familiar with it, stands for Cost Per Action. So you get paid per action, not per sale. And what is an “action”? It can be as simple as submitting someone’s email address, or agreeing to a free product trial, or as complicated as opening a Forex Account and depositing funds into it.

We like simpler CPA offers which generally pay a bit less, but convert like crazy. We work with CPA offers that pay $1.50 – $3.00 per conversion and just require email address or name and email address. They convert very well, as high as 30-50% conversions.

It’s much easier to get a conversion and make money when you don’t have to sell anything.

What else?

Jason has figured out a way to ensure that nearly every campaign he sets up is successful.

And the way he has done it is via reverse-engineering. So he ethically spies on other successful campaigns that are currently running. And then he replicates some of the components of that successful campaign. Afterall, if it’s running for someone else and is making money, it must make money for you too, right?

And he uses Facebook as the traffic source.

What are the numbers?

Jason gets clicks for $0.07-0.11 per click. His cost per conversion is $1.00 – $1.50. And his payouts range from $1.50 to $3.00 per conversion.

So with these numbers, he’s able to build his email list while getting paid. And this is of course very powerful.


We will start this off at a very low price of $24.95 for the first 6 hours. We wanted to make this super affordable for everyone.

Questions? Please comment below 🙂

    10 replies to "Free Copy of Social CPA Academy"

    • Andy Johnson

      Currently working with a publisher (thesearethevoyagesbooks.com) and would really like free a copy of your CPA Academy. Would like to implement to assist publisher but also I am interested in any affiliate marketing that can bring some income on somewhat short order.
      Can’t wait to evaluate your system.

    • Jason K

      I’m interested in finding out the approach in you’re course.
      Studying the mindset of the pro’s and seeing the behind the scene steps is an ideal way to learn.

    • Agustoni

      Greg, I’m interested in this cpa method course because it will complete my goal to launch my new website. Thank you

    • Remco

      Hi Greg,

      I’ve had some modest success with CPA and also my share of failure. My guess is that by the time most CPA methods are released they are ‘out dated’, or at least not as effective as they used to be. Which is probably why they are released.

      Reverse engineering sounds like a method that will always work because it looks into the latest successful strategies. I’d love to get my hands on a copy.

      Good luck with the launch!

    • mario zugasti

      I would totally love the opportunity to view this book and apply everything in it to what I am doing now. Im working on a niche website and would love the knowledge of how to get quality traffic. Im trying to learn as much as I can. Thank you.

    • Hariri Ahmad Zanzali

      CPA, there hundreds of courses offered on line, saying the same thing,easy peasy to make money. 1st stumbling block – how to get accepted by cpa network. 2nd stumbling block -traffic. If only there are step by step guides to for both, then it would be really be helpfull

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